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Muddbunnies 4X Training – My Story

December 4, 2009

Ryan and Jaclyn

Ryan and the infamous Aussie trainer!

I’m not a team player, was never good at team sports growing up and took more to endurance sports like mini tris, 10ks, 1/2 marathons, and even did my first adventure race last spring. I’ve always been more interested in challenging myself rather than directly competing against others; and if I’m completely honest about this it’s not because I’m a masochist and love to torture myself but because I felt physically weak and uncoordinated compared to others, a bit of a baby bird really. So I’ve done my best veer away from team sports and competition.

And then came biking… Mtn biking was the first and only sport I’ve ever felt was effortless. I took to it immediately and though I’m no speed demon and don’t take the narliest line, jumping and balancing are my greatest strengths. Mtn biking is also the only sport where I’ve felt like I wanted to push myself to improve in my weaker areas like steeps and speed. Bigger, faster, smoother are my mantra words I say to myself when I’m trying to psych myself up for a line that feels completely above my abilities.

Though the bike park is closed, riding and racing continues. This fall/winter I find myself faced with another year of racing/riding 4X. I’ve done this in the past and have been pretty lackadaisical about it all, with my main goal being to show up and race. I’ve never seen myself as a threat for the other girls racing. This year is different, I want action! I’ve been very active since spring, hiking, biking and kayaking and feel like my ultimate fitness goals are within reach. Now with the help of fitness trainer Jacyln Delacroix, I’m ready to up my game even further with weight training. I want to FINALLY feel strong and muscle my bike through to at least one 4X win, that’s my ultimate goal.

In the next few months we will be posting pics, videos, tips, instruction and as much info as possible to help out anyone else who wants improve or maintain their hard-earned summer biking skills. You don’t need to be a racer to benefit from our program, heck you don’t even need to be a biker but of course the fitness program has been designed with mtn bikers in mind.

If there you have any questions or comments we will have a comment section as well as email contact for both Jacyln and myself. And even better than sitting at your desk following our progress, why not get yourself into the gym and train with us or if you’d prefer one-on-one, contact her and get your own personal fitness regime created.

Ride hard, get dirty!



January 24, 2008


The weather the past couple weeks has been cold no doubt, but it’s been sunny and it means a lot of us are putting the snowboard down for the weekend and picking up the bike instead. So for those who are thinking of climbing back into the saddle after a winter hiatus, here’s some product suggestions from Dirtworld on easing post-ride, muscle pain, (a symptom some us ahem…30+ riders know too well). – Ryan


Getting Back in the Saddle

When you’re in the middle of a great ride, you’re having too much fun to think about muscle pain. That’s one of the best things about mountain biking: even when it hurts, the fun factor outweighs everything else. And memories of landing a huge jump or tearing up some single-track last a lot longer than memories of burning lungs and shaky quads.

But the morning after? Well, that can be a bumpy ride. And all too often, feeling stiff and sore can keep you off the trails.

So in the spirit of getting back in the saddle, here’s a rundown of a few painkillers and recovery aids. Of course, staying hydrated — and stretching out after a ride — are key factors in fighting muscle soreness. But when you’re going hard, sometimes you need a little extra help.

IB-RELIEF is a cream designed to act like instant ibuprofen. It’s odorless and complements the ibuprofen tablets so many athletes swear by. (

SPORT LEGS is an all-natural supplement filled with Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. (

TP MASSAGE BALLS are designed to help rub out muscle knots. Like all massage treatments, it speeds muscle recovery by increasing blood flow. For even better results, we suggest a rubdown by an attractive biking companion. (

BODYGLIDE WARM FX MUSCLE FORMULA is a roll-on balm that uses menthol and methyl salicylate to give you that tingly sort of numbness. It’s portable enough to bring along on just about any expedition. (

CHERRY PHARM is a drink that uses the power of cherries — did you know that cherries had powers? — to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. Guess it beats spitting out 50 or 60 cherry pits. (