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February 25, 2008

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Micayla Gatto has been a phenom in Canadian DH racing for years now, after pulling off back to back National DH Junior Womens titles and a Bronze at World Championships, she up’d the ante this year by dominating the Canadian National Series winning all her races and taking the National Womens Elite/Pro title. Micayla has already started off 2008 with a 3rd place finish at the Downtown DH race in Chile! Watch for her competing at World Cups around the globe.




February 13, 2008

$15 is the minimum donation to get in to ride the park or spectate. Once inside, you’ll be able to ride with the pros or try your luck in some festival skill games and win sweet bike gear. Prizes include frames, pads, helmets, components and more.



December 18, 2007

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The professional mountain biker paralyzed in a racing crash in Colorado this summer is wrapping up her rehab at Craig Hospital and making big strides in her recovery every day.

Tara Llanes will soon be heading home to California. It has been 3 and 1/2 months since the accident that paralyzed her from the waist down.

Llanes is determined to get better.

“The first time my left leg moved in the water, I was almost speechless afterwards,” Llanes said. “I just couldn’t stop smiling. I knew I felt my muscle go in bed, but when you do it in the pool, you can see how much you can actually move.”

She knows there is still much work and rehabilitation to be done.

“Then in the same respect you get so excited about it, then you get out of the pool and you get in the chair and you’re wondering why the hell can’t you do the same thing,” Llanes said. “It hits you again as to what you aren’t capable of right now.”

She still remains resolved to walk again.

“It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop keeping my positive attitude and fighting to make these little guys walk every single day, because they’re going to, whether they want to or not, they’re going to.”

She also renewed her original promise to CBS4’s Greg Moody to ride again with him.

Greg Moody DENVER (CBS4)

Tara Llanes
Road to Recovery Fund
4068 Green Avenue
Los Alamitos, CA 90720


December 16, 2007

The MS-Intense Factory-Racing team proudly announces the additon of Anneke Beerten (NED) to their roster. As the winner of the 2007 UCI 4X World Cup Anneke represents one of the top athletes in women’s mountain bike racing.


After former downhill world champion Vanessa Quin (NZL) announced her retirement from World Cup racing at the end of the 2007 season MS-Intense Factory-Racing was looking for a strong successor capable of winning titles at World Cups and world championships. By signing Anneke, who is coached by former world class racer Bas de Bever, the team aquired a highly-talented athlete going perfectly with a race-oriented company such as Intense Cycles. The deal was made possible thanks to the support of Dutch Intense Cycles distributor Veltec and marks a first step of cooperations between European distributors. Both companies, MS-Racing and Veltec, recognize Anneke’s importance for the further successful European marketing and distribution of Intense Cycles.

What does Anneke have to say about all this? She released the following statement: “I am very exited to sign with the MS-Intense team. For many years they’ve been a big name in the mountain bike sport, especially on the gravity side. Intense is known for their great bikes and great support for their athletes. Many great riders like Shaun Palmer, Sabrina Jonnier and Chris Kovarik have been riding for Intense.


“It’s a honor for me to step into their footsteps and become a part of the Intense family. I am really looking forward to team up with Matti and Mio and I can’t wait to ride my new bikes. Many thanks to the Intense crew for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do.”

Anneke will ride her first mountain bike competitions in the colors of the MS-Intense Factory-Racing team at the Sea Otter Classic festival in April 2008.


November 15, 2007


Muddbunnies Riding Inc. is stoked to present the second annual Muddbunnies Calendar.


Muddbunnies Riding Club is a Cycling BC recognized women’s riding group and race team based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and with chapters throughout the province.

Proceeds from the calendar sales will assist in our 2008 plans of riding clinics, race clinics, club rides and to further assist the racers of Team Muddbunnies.

Additionally, $1 from every calendar sold will be donated to the Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association and the Richard Juryn Memorial Fund.


Special thanks to all of the bunnies who rode strong and bared it all for this incredible project!

Thanks also to Lead Photographer: Dan Barham , photographers : Corey Toews, Danielle Baker, Dave Best , Jeremy Goodrick, and Michelle Santos.


In memory of Richard Juryn; a passionate and inspiring advocate of this great sport we all love!



October 11, 2007


British exile and frequent Singletrack contributor Dan “Dave” Barham has just assaulted us with a Press Release about his newly revamped website. There’s photographs of people riding bicycles on it and stuff. Go check it out…


The man himself writes…

“Now that I’m a BC resident, I’ve been told I have to write this release as if I’m a local, and who am I to refuse? So here it is, “rad style”.

“DUDE, you should TOTALLY go check out my website ( I’m STOKED to be offering a select number of my images as high-quality, “fine art” prints. It’s a result of fielding a growing number of separate enquiries as to whether of not I offer them – I figured it’d be easier to put them all up and let people browse / pay for them online. SENDING IT big print stylee, BRAH. What better way to show someone you think they’re AWESOME than by buying them a print? That someone can be you, of course, and don’t forget – they’d make SICK Xmas gifts too.

“Check out the available images at

“Free kudos with every purchase..”

Dan Barham :: Professional Mountain Bike Photography ::

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPGMUDDBUNNIES NOTE: Look for more stunning images by Dan Barham in the upcoming 2008 Muddbunnies Calendar!


October 5, 2007



For those of you following the recovery status of Tara Llanes, here is her first update in her own words.
Please continue to support her by donating to the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund


September 27, 2007
9:55 pm

Hey everyone…it’s me. So far both Missy and Polly have been updating what’s been going on here at Craig, but I had a few minutes before I head to bed so I figured it was my turn. Besides I’m not all hopped up on the meds anymore so I’m able to make a bit of sense. 🙂

This morning started off a bit on the rough side. I had OT, which is Occupational Therapy scheduled from 8-9 am and knew getting up at 6:30 was going to be a tough one. I wouldn’t normally have to get up that early, but things take a bit longer when you have an injury like this.

So when I woke up I was already feeling a bit nauseous, but I thought it would go away. It sooo didn’t. Actually I have a little secret to tell so don’t let it get out. I know one of the doctors here and he’s been checking up on me about every other day. Well, he showed up at 7:00 am to bring me some coffee, which was a really nice thing to do. Too bad that ever since the accident I am hypersensative to certain smells. And one of them is coffee. As soon as I smell it I get nauseous. But when he brought me the coffee I didn’t have the heart to tell him how sick it made me. So I waited till’ he left to have my Mom dump it, but by that time the damage was done. I got in my chair and scooted my way to my OT session all the while not feeling so hot. As soon as I got there I knew things were gonna be rough. Sure enough within 20-30 min. I was asking for a bucket and was sent back to my room. I was sooo pissed!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired dammnit! I want to get to OT and PT and kill it everyday. I want to push myself until I can’t go anymore. But if I keep getting sick I don’t accomplish a thing and that tears me up inside.

taraxray.jpg taraxray2.jpg

However I made things up later in the day. Before my next couple sessions I took a bit of a nap and started to feel better. I had a couple of visitors today. Well, actually Mikki Douglass who rode for Specialized back in the day showed up on Monday and will be here till’ Friday and it’s been great to see her. My other visitor was Matt Lanning. Some of you in the Mtn bike world would remember Matt as the editor of PLUSH magazine. It was the first all downhill / slalom magazine to ever come out. It was a sweet magazine and I’m not just saying that because it was my first cover ever! hehe.

So after my visitors I got up and was feeling quite a bit better and headed back over to the gym for some physical therapy. This time I was working out with the director of the gym Sharon. Right when I got there she asked me if I wanted to stand and of course I said, “Hell yeah!!” They have this sweet machine that they strap you into and you slowly use this lever to pump you up until you are standing. Man, once I got up the whole way and they rolled over this lifesize mirror right in front of me and I could see myself standing I tried not to lose it. I mean there I was…standing again!! I can’t wait to do it on my own. It just made me want to try even harder than I already was. After I hung out for awhile on that machine I got out of it and then Sharon asked if I wanted to try to learn how to wheelie and once again my answer was, “Hell yeah!” It took me two tries and I had it pretty much mastered. Although it does make you nervous because you just don’t know how far back you can go and it’s especially hard with all my braces I have to wear because it can make counter balancing a bit tough when you can’t move forward at all. I got it down though.

taragym.jpg taragym2.jpg tara-gym-3.jpg

After PT I headed down to the big gym for strength and conditioning class. Today we played a game that was kinda like basketball except the ball is about 10 times bigger than a basketball, you can pick up the ball and carry it on your lap if you can balance it, and you didn’t have to actually get it IN the hoop…just hit the backboard. Mikki played with us and tried to cheat every chance she would get. Her favorite move was flying head first out of her chair and have everyone feel sorry for her. Sorry Mik not gonna happen. My back was hurting about 10 min. into the game, but I was having so much fun that I played for the whole 45 minutes. And of course my team won.

After our game I stopped by Stephen Murray’s room to say hi. He was doing good today and his wife Melissa even told me that he moved one of his legs a bit today. I’m so jealous. Every night I lay in bed and close my eyes and concentrate so hard on like one of my toes or even my leg and sometimes I feel like it moves the slightest bit, but I’m not totally sure cuz’ it’s nighttime and nobody is there to see if I did! Note to self…try doing it in the freakin’ daytime so someone can be a witness! One of these days I’ll put my thinking cap on. 🙂

Stephen Murray (Pro BMX) and Tara Llanes

Anyway, listen it’s like 10:20 pm and I’m pretty tired. And I have OT again at 8 am so I better head to bed. I’ll be posting more pic’s tomorrow of me getting to lift weights in the weight room, standing up like a champ, doing some wheelies, and kicking Mikki’s butt at bounce ball. I look forward to tomorrow being another day closer to putting one foot in front of the other.

Oh and before I forget I need to thank my coach James for heading to Interbike over the last 3 days to be at the booth to help raise money for my foundation. He already has a bazziion things on his plate and he took the time to fly out there and spend time in the heat of boulder city for dirt demo and then two days indoors. Also, to my mom, Polly, and Bean for your continued help and lack of sleep. I love all of you. There is a huge list of people that I need to thank, but I want to make sure that I have everybody so I’ll wait on that one until I’ve got my ducks in a row. 🙂

Peace and Wheelies!




September 19, 2007

Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund



“On Saturday September 1st 2007, the BMX and mountain biking worlds suffered a tremendous tragedy. While competing in the Jeep King of the Mountain finale in Beaver Creek Colorado, one of the greatest athletes the sport has known, Tara Llanes, suffered a horrific crash during the first run of her semi-final heat. Tara was rushed to Vail Valley Hospital, then airlifted to Denver Health Hospital a short time later. Following seven hours of surgery to the back and spinal cord, it was determined she had no feeling from the waist down.”

A website had been built to help Tara with her recovery. The website lets you donate to the Tara Llanes “Road to Recovery Fund” and also lets you send Tara your best wishes. Please take a moment to visit her website. Donations will go a long way…

The thoughts and prayers of all the Muddbunnies are with you Tara, and we wish you well on the journey that lies ahead of you.

Please take a moment and visit Tara’s website


September 7, 2007


September 6, 2007
10:20 pm


Tara and family met with Dr. Rabb today, Tara’s surgeon. It was recommended and agreed by Tara and family that Tara will be undergoing another surgery tomorrow morning at 9:00 am to lengthen the rod already in her spine and add two more screws to connect to her T10. Extending the rod will provide more support and help realign her back. They will also be resealing some spinal cord fluid leaks as well as adding bone morphogenetic protein (BMPs). BMPs are a group of growth factors and cytokines known for their ability to induce the formation of bone and cartilage. The surgery will last approximately 2 hours.

Doctors say this surgery will not delay her recovery time and expects her to be in her turtle shell by this Saturday.

Please say an extra prayer tonight and continue to keep Tara in your thoughts throughout your day.

September 5, 2007
10:45 pm


September 7, 2007


September 4, 2007
11:45 pm



Your support continues to blow us away. It is absolutely unbelievable. Again, there is not enough thank yous that can do it justice.

Tara’s room is so full of gifts and flowers that there is barely enough room for the nurses and doctors. At this time, we ask you save your money for the “Road To Recovery Fund.” We are currently setting up a website that will allow for you to send your contributions directly to Tara to cover all medical expenses. Although she is covered under insurance, there will be additional expenses. As mentioned previously, we are looking into the top rehab facilities to get Tara up and walking again. All donations will go directly toward her rehab such as personal care, various equipment, housing modifications, etc. We are told that our #1 choice of rehab facilities may run up to $2000+ per day.

For all you Southern CA friends, Missy will be organizing an event to raise funds that will cover non-medical expenses such as travel and day to day items for Team Llanes. There will also be opportunities to take photos and write messages to Tara that will be sent over all together. More details to come so stay posted!

September 4, 2007
11:45 am