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Ciao, Bellas

April 17, 2008


I’m always excited to hear about young girls getting into the sport of mountain biking. Women like locals Amber Zirnhelt and Kelli Sherbinin, have been a huge influence in getting our female youth motivated and excited about biking. Now there’s a pair of sisters from Vermont, (both professional riders) who are just as keen on getting our young female rippers stocked on the sport!———————————————————————————————
Pro-cyclist sisters Lea and Sabra Davison are helping the next generation of female mountain bikers tear up the trail.
By Lauren Ober

Lea and Sabra each earned top 10 finishes at national championship races this summer.
©Daria Bishop

For a group of girls in northwest Vermont called the Little Bellas, summer Sunday afternoons mean one thing: a fierce, knockdown game of dab. These girls could play endless rounds of the game–in which riders try to force each other to lose balance from their bikes and set a foot on the ground–provided that Little Bellas founders Lea and Sabra Davison join them. Trek/VW Factory Team rider Lea, 24, and pro Xterra triathlete Sabra, 22, started the mentoring program for girls ages eight to 12 this past summer; the group now has 20 kids and 10 mentors. Bicycling recently caught up with the Davisons to chat about the club’s first season.

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Canadian Premieres of Kranked 7 – The Cackle Factor

April 16, 2008

CAUTION: Watch for volunteering Muddbunnies!


April 28th @ 7:00 in North Van at Centennial Theatre

Radical Films detonates into mountain bike mayhem with ”The Cackle Factor-Kranked 7”.

Inspired by old hipster slang for the insane asylum (the cackle factory), the film trips with stunning footage cut to a post-industrial explosion of funk, rock, reggae, hip-hop and punk.

As the world spirals into madness, seemingly at war with itself, the best mountain bikers are judged against it. Join us as we freak out and explore WHO IS INSANE? US OR THEM?

Featuring epic riding sets from: Jamie Goldman, Nathan Rennie, Steve Romaniuk, Mike Kinrade, Eric Porter, Kyle Ebbett, Timo Pritzel, James Doerfling, René Wildhaber, Mike Hopkins, Ben Boyko, Kirt Voreis, Garett Buehler, Ryan Berrecloth, Josh Bryceland, Ben Walker, Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson

Filmed in HD in Alaska, British Columbia, California, Vermont, Switzerland and France.

Soundtrack features: the Hilltop Hoods, the Kinks, Zebrahead, Tsunami Bomb, Ziggy Marley, the Guess Who, Anti-Flag, Five Alarm Funk, Placebo, Lagwagon, the Misfits, Supercabin, Pennywise. to Host Online Auction for Tara Llanes

April 14, 2008 announced today that it is partnering with BMX and mountain bike pro rider Tara Llanes in hosting an online auction to help raise funds for the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund. The auction begins April 25th at 5pm EST with the bidding ending on May 9th at 5pm EST.

Llanes was seriously injured on September 1st, 2007 while racing at the Jeep KOM Finals. Presently she is paralyzed from the waist down, and has been working intensely at physical therapy to walk, then ride again. Llanes raced on the professional mountain bike circuit for 14 years and won four national championships.

The online auction will feature some of the most sought after items in the sport today, including:

Eric Carter’s 2006 National Championship 4x bike
Steve Peat’s signed replica Troy Lee Designs helmet
Tracy Moseley’s UCI leaders jersey
Adam Craig’s signed XC jersey
And more items from Shaun Palmer, Leigh Donovan, Alison Dunlap
“We’re very pleased to be partnering with Tara for this very worthy cause.” said Sean M. Aruda, CEO of “The positive attitude and determination she demonstrated while competing bodes well for her during her recovery, and we look forward to hosting this auction.”

“This auction is simply ‘one of a kind’ and to be quite honest I’d like to bid on everything in it,” Llanes said. “I’m a fan of every one of these riders so these items are a big deal to me. Everyone at is behind this auction and I know it will turn out great!”


March 5, 2008

Source: Tracy Jett Grrl

this friday, March 7, at 1:00 pm, Vancity Theatre(1181 Seymour St.) and Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFFBC)presents the Canadian Premiere of ‘Changing Gear’, a film about a group of 22 women over the age of 50, all total strangers, who get on their bicycles and set off on a gruelling 58‐day, 3,135 mile journey across the southern United States raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness(see attached file). It promises to be an emotional and uplifting film,which i for one do not want to miss.


Changing Gear
1:00 PM – Vancity Theatre

Run time: 86 min. | Director: Lisa Burd
Drama, humour, concern and conflict are guaranteed when a group of 22 women over the age of 50, and total strangers, get on their bicycles and set off on a gruelling 58-day, 3,135 mile journey across the Southern States of America raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Women of Note: Lisa Burd: producer / DP
Anita Langthaller: 2nd camera
Sandy Pantall: Editor

director of photography: Lisa Burd
editor: Sandy Pantall

and as it happens i will be introducing the film, and giving away a cool jett grrl door prize. so if you want to see me in something other than my grubby mechanics clothes – and you might take some pleasure in watching me very nervous on stage :O) – drop by with your bike and check out the screening. anyone showing up by bike gets in half price!

plus, while i have your attention…

SALE!!!all clothing 30% off!!! i need to get rid of last year’s stock to make room for 2008 goodies. PLEASE drop by and take this stuff off my hands. i have tons of cool reflective jackets, jerseys, and pants even (think next fall). plus a few t-shirts, cycling jerseys, and shorts, including the very lovely LOEKA line. help me out people. you need to look good, i need an empty wall :O)

and don’t forget spring is just around the corner! pull your bike out and get it ready to ride. early spring tune-ups are better than late spring, when i am so busy you will have to wait :O( i really hate making you wait!

i also hoping to start carrying some new bikes SOON. if you are looking for a swanky new ride, come talk to me. i have lots of ideas for you!

plus i have pile of refurbished bikes i also need to clear out. prices from $100. and some sexy vintage roadies :O)

hope you are all well and i look forward to seeing you on the road! cheerie-bye jett peoples :O)


tracy a. myerson, m.x.
jett grrl bike studio
243A union st.
vancouver, b.c. V6A 2B2
(604) 255-5097


March 4, 2008

Source: Rich Carr, CRME


Pua Sawicki, 2007 Female Mountain Biker of the Year, has entered into a multi-year title sponsorship agreement with Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles. Fresh off a hugely successful 2007 season racing her Ellsworth Truth, and with key wins in major endurance races such as USA Cycling’s 24 Hour Solo National Championships, 12 Hours of Dirt, Sweat and Gears and the Baja Ultra Endurance 100k race, Pua and Ellsworth have forged a partnership that catapults both entities forward.


“It is truly amazing to have found and built a partnership with a company like Ellsworth. They have put their trust in us, through the good times and the bad, and have helped to make our dream come true and for that we could never thank them enough.” said Pua as she’s about to begin her 2008 season. “Not only have we gained a whole new family, but I get to ride the best bikes in the world! Thank you so much Tony and the rest of the Ellsworth crew!”

In pursuit of more endurance race wins in 2008, Pua will again be racing and training on Ellsworth’s legendary “Truth” frame. The Truth is a durable, light weight, and a highly refined design for endurance and cross country racing. In the agreement, Pua will continue to ride Ellsworth’s Mountain, Cyclocross & Road frames.

“It’s great to have a winning rider racing your frame designs, but Pua brings a spirit and personality to the sport that makes it an honor to have her choose our frames year after year to race on”. Says Tony Ellsworth, CEO of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles. “Pua not only brings world class racing skills to Ellsworth, but she is also a tremendous ambassador for us and for endurance racing. We are looking forward to her success this racing season”.


February 25, 2008

SOURCE: Commencal

Micayla Gatto has been a phenom in Canadian DH racing for years now, after pulling off back to back National DH Junior Womens titles and a Bronze at World Championships, she up’d the ante this year by dominating the Canadian National Series winning all her races and taking the National Womens Elite/Pro title. Micayla has already started off 2008 with a 3rd place finish at the Downtown DH race in Chile! Watch for her competing at World Cups around the globe.



February 21, 2008

March 8th & 9th in Sooke, BC (Vancouver Island), Darcy Turenne is offering a Ladies-Only Riding Clinic.


The weekend is aimed and beginner to intermediate riders who would like to improve their basic handling skills, balance and positioning, braking, cornering, descending, and learn about bike maintenance.

To Find out more, call: 250.642.8000!


February 21, 2008

Norco and Griffiths Racing are excited to announce the launch of Fionn’s new website. The site includes her blog, tons of photos, news, schedule, and much more. Visit

About Norco Products Ltd.
Whether you’re sportin’ spandex and cleats, or torn jeans and a bandana, if riding a bike is the highlight of your day, the one bright moment in your week, or that old faithful friend patiently hanging in your garage – then you understand what Norco is all about. We make great bikes, because we want to ride great bikes, it’s as simple as that.

Check out to view our entire line of 2008 bicycles.



February 20, 2008



Waterloo, WI

This Saturday’s Tara Benefit Jam hosted at Rye Airfield in Rye, NH will feature a poster signing by Cam McCaul, Trek’s Freeride Phenom. With the purchase of each $3 signed poster, Trek will donate an additional $12. That means that for every poster purchased, Trek will donate $15 to the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund.

“Tara’s injury struck a chord with me personally,” said Michael Browne, Trek’s MTB Brand Manager, “and I’ve been looking for a way to offer support. When Kyle Ebbett announced his efforts to organize the Tara Benefit Jam, Cam jumped on board. And when Cam told me about it, I knew Trek had to get behind it. This is just a great way to help out a fallen rider who needs every bit of support our community can offer.”

“After so many years racing and competing, I just feel it’s my responsibility to organize this event,” says Ebbett, reflecting on why he decided to get riders together for the competition. “And I love Tara – she’s a super incredible person who’s respected everywhere. I hope for a ton of awareness, and I hope to raise a ton of money. And I know it will succeed, because who doesn’t like to watch Cam McCaul ride?”

The event takes place on February 23rd. The competition starts at 9 pm, but poster sales will be happening prior. Anyone interested in attending can visit for more details.

source: Michael Browne


February 20, 2008


It’s February. Normally at this time each year I am skiing or sitting in a cold, damp university classroom – but not this February. This February (thus far) has been full of sun, skateparks, bikes, and beaches. Why you ask? Because I’m in California!!!

I decided to escape the dreary Vancouver Island winter this year and come down to the land of lap dogs, bleach blondes, and vanity (yep, I’m in LA) to see if I could spend more time on my bike than I could at home (which is bound to happen because it’s too cold to ride at home).


So far it’s been working out great. I drove down with my friend Toni and we took a few days to see the sights and some friends along the way in Portland, San Francisco, and Morro Bay. Although I’ve done that drive a few times, I always forget how long it really takes. I’m dreading the trip home for that reason alone!

Anyways, I’m here now and I’ve been insanely busy since I first rolled in.

I first went to visit my sponsors who are based out of Cali – Oakley and Etnies – and then began my mission. Ride till I drop!

The first weekend I was here my friend and I went to Woodward West. I’ve never been there before but I think ‘mind-blowing’ would be the right word to describe it! It was snowing like crazy up there, but thankfully we could ride indoors. I switched between my 26” and 20” bikes and had a lot of fun on the ramps and in the foam pit. I learned a ton and acquired a few bruises to prove it!

In LA, I have some friends with sweet hookups to skateparks in the area that are supposed to be skate-only, but somehow we are allowed to ride there! Because of that, I’ve been riding my BMX twice a day. So fun! My mountain bike friends all have “real” jobs so I’m going to have to wait until the weekend to ride trails…I can’t wait! I miss dirt.

Well, I have to get my day sorted. Let’s see. . .where to ride? What Mexican food stand to eat at afterwards? So many decisions!

Sending sunshine from California!