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March 27, 2008



Sombrio Cartel announces the launch of the 2008 apparel collection, the all new 2008 website, and their 10 year milestone celebration.

North Vancouver, BC March 27, 2008 – Sombrio Cartel, celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary and launches it’s 2008 apparel collection with a refreshed website and several new product offerings. Check out the new website at

Highlights include the limited edition Decade Collection that celebrates their 10 year milestone, the new Raw Collection, designed for the eco-conscious riders, and the new Epik Collection featuring designs specific for long rides deep into the hills.

The 2008 Sombrio Girl collection receives a makeover with new styles, refreshed designs, colors, and an all new website to match. This new site also features the Sombrio Girl team, online shopping, and dealer information. View the new Sombrio Girl site at


Sombrio also introduces a new standalone Happenings website where you can keep up to date with Sombrio news, photos, and team riders. The site features its own RSS feed so be sure to subscribe and receive all the latest info on Sombrio Cartel, Sombrio Girl, Team updates, news and events as they happen. Visit the new Sombrio Happenings site at



About Sombrio:

The original rider-owned purveyor of world leading design and manufactured high performance apparel, outerwear and subversive street wear for core bike and mountain culture enthusiasts. Based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Sombrio was founded in 1998 and is led today by pioneering rider, Dave Watson.

Sombrio sponsored riders include: Geoff Gulevich, Jordie Lunn, Greg Watts, Ryan Berrecloth, Kamil Tatarkovic, Andreas Hestler, Steve Romaniuk, Claire Buchar and Kathy Pruitt. Sombrio clothing, gear and accessories are available in stores worldwide or online at:

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPGMuddbunnies Note: Watch for upcoming SombrioGirl clothing reviews by our fellow bunnies.

Check out the following Muddbunnies Riding Club sponsoring bike shops for SombrioGirl and Sombrio Apparel:




March 27, 2008


Race Report: Pump Race #11 – Retribution II

Bad News Muys lays it down, as Garren continues her glorious championship reign.

The weather was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to order soup at a deli. But it didn’t keep a dozen hard core pump racers from coming down to Pipeline to battle on the infamous pump track. The day was marked with the sounds of tires roosting turns, cheering from the surrounding spectators, and kids fighting with Ray Ray Faubert over who found the most easter eggs. Thats right. There was an easter egg hunt after….

In the Women’s Class, Judy Garren put on her race face against Dayna Picco who was riding with the force of a big red firetruck, and Larissa “Weeeee!” Hoath. Judy rode strong on her brand new Brodie, and held her spot at the top of the pump race podium.

Judy and Dayna Rocking the Women’s Main:

Everett Hoath took the winter off of the bike, holding off from racing the Pipeline Indoor 4x, obviously to get ready solely for Sunday’s Pump Race #11. He was killing it and looked like he could take the main. But he still had to get past Adam “Dutch Chocolate” Muys who had stepped up his training by including some new methods like driving around town with a live mountain lion in the car to sprinting up and down the beach in short shorts and knee highs with his ex-rival turned coach, Apollo Creed.

It was a great time, and it’s a ton of fun. We’ll have another one in April! Hope to see you all there!


March 5, 2008


Welcome New Bunnies and Loyal Members….were back!


This year the Muddbunnie gals headed out to Abbotsford for our 2nd BMX clinic with Denise Britton, Ken Cools and his posse of riding pros who show us how good, “good” can get. What a great way to transition back onto the bikes after a solid dose of the white stuff covering our favorite trails. No roots, rocks or slippery woodwork to deal with…just a smooth track that you could work as fast and as hard as you choose.


This year the clinic was led once again by Ken Cools, and Denise Britton, phenomenal riders and instructors. My write-up last year went into full detail about last years learning lessons…so check it out here.



As the new president of the Mubbunnies Riding club I was thrilled to see members of our new board of directors, familiar faces from 2007, as well as news ones that I looked forward to acquainting myself with.


Following our morning session full of BMX skills and practice laps I had a chance to chat with some on the new faces in the crowd which included Shauna, a new face in the crowd of familiar gal pals…


I was touched by the story Shauna shared about how she came to join us that day. Her husband is a former BMX’er who wanted to share his passion of the sport with his wife. As a new mom time is hard to find for personal indulgences therefore he put together this day for her; not a tangible gift but an ‘experience” ; pretty ingenious.


The BMX clinic was a surprise he put together for her to enjoy and experience that day and he didn’t forget the details either. He took care of her registration, the preparation of her bike, (not to forget the babysitting and child care logistics) and even went to the trouble of equipping her car with a style of music to get her pumped for the day!

Shauna had experienced a crash on her bike a while back that put her off the sport for awhile and it was fateful that she was given another go. We all know how this goes…the first endo, the inability to let the brakes go and moments when you just wonder ‘why is this supposed to be fun?’
However, it is the lucky ones that get past this somehow; either with a competitive stubbornness, inspiring or encouraging riding partners or the remembrance of those moments when it does all come together and how sweet it is!


The passion we all feel for riding is intrinsic and becomes equated with this challenge, struggle, success and joy. This is an experience we hope all people find in whatever avenue they are choosing to explore. Her husband knew that this gift could spark a fire that could possibly just keep on giving. The day brought Shauna back to the simplicity of it all; having fun with a laid back bunch of gals …riding bikes.


Another new face I chatted with was Vicki who resides in Port Moody (originally from Australia). She heard about the clinic straight from the horses mouth so to speak; Muddbunnies owner Ryan Petersen after dropping by Bicycle Sports Pacific one afternoon. I thought it was pretty brave of her and was immediately impressed by her courage. I mean, I know how easy it is to get along with these gals and have a blast with only a bike and good spirits but the first step is always the hardest!

Vicki is also a busy mother of 2 who is new to the sport who found the clinic “encouraging, casual and non-intimidating” and “was impressed that so many ages and skill levels were together” sharing the track..

Jennifer came with her daughter Robin who is already an avid BMX’er herself. That was pretty cool to see a mom and daughter enjoying the day together… sharing a laugh and a passion. Jennifer joined us on a recent ride at SFU and I think we have a keeper if her enthusiasm is a sign.



I can’t say enough about the instruction and expertise of Ken Cools and his crew at Abbotsford BMX Track as well as our awesome Muddbunnie ripper and instructor Denise Britton. The professionalism and style of our instructors is the first important element but we all know the environment has to be inviting, relaxing; one that is conducive to success and that I believe is where our club is succeeding!

It is great to see new rippers out there on the track and hopefully new members to join our crew this year. I can’t wait to get out and rip with any of these gals….because its just seems to be what we want…and its all good!


Check out all the clinic photos by Corey Toews and Michelle Santos









March 5, 2008

Source: Tracy Jett Grrl

this friday, March 7, at 1:00 pm, Vancity Theatre(1181 Seymour St.) and Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFFBC)presents the Canadian Premiere of ‘Changing Gear’, a film about a group of 22 women over the age of 50, all total strangers, who get on their bicycles and set off on a gruelling 58‐day, 3,135 mile journey across the southern United States raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness(see attached file). It promises to be an emotional and uplifting film,which i for one do not want to miss.


Changing Gear
1:00 PM – Vancity Theatre

Run time: 86 min. | Director: Lisa Burd
Drama, humour, concern and conflict are guaranteed when a group of 22 women over the age of 50, and total strangers, get on their bicycles and set off on a gruelling 58-day, 3,135 mile journey across the Southern States of America raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Women of Note: Lisa Burd: producer / DP
Anita Langthaller: 2nd camera
Sandy Pantall: Editor

director of photography: Lisa Burd
editor: Sandy Pantall

and as it happens i will be introducing the film, and giving away a cool jett grrl door prize. so if you want to see me in something other than my grubby mechanics clothes – and you might take some pleasure in watching me very nervous on stage :O) – drop by with your bike and check out the screening. anyone showing up by bike gets in half price!

plus, while i have your attention…

SALE!!!all clothing 30% off!!! i need to get rid of last year’s stock to make room for 2008 goodies. PLEASE drop by and take this stuff off my hands. i have tons of cool reflective jackets, jerseys, and pants even (think next fall). plus a few t-shirts, cycling jerseys, and shorts, including the very lovely LOEKA line. help me out people. you need to look good, i need an empty wall :O)

and don’t forget spring is just around the corner! pull your bike out and get it ready to ride. early spring tune-ups are better than late spring, when i am so busy you will have to wait :O( i really hate making you wait!

i also hoping to start carrying some new bikes SOON. if you are looking for a swanky new ride, come talk to me. i have lots of ideas for you!

plus i have pile of refurbished bikes i also need to clear out. prices from $100. and some sexy vintage roadies :O)

hope you are all well and i look forward to seeing you on the road! cheerie-bye jett peoples :O)


tracy a. myerson, m.x.
jett grrl bike studio
243A union st.
vancouver, b.c. V6A 2B2
(604) 255-5097


March 4, 2008

Source: Ryan Petersen


Recently, Sharpey’s Cycle in North Burnaby, BC, had been “taken over” by Jimi and Nicole Evans-Brockett, (and their son Rider). Some of you know that Michelle and I hold this bike shop very near and dear to our hearts as we were previous employees and had considered buying the shop ourselves.
When I walked into the store last summer I was thrilled to see that Jimi and Nicole had done everything Michelle and I had ever planned to do in terms of the ultimate “extreme shop makeover”. Speaking with Jimi for the first time last summer, I immediately sensed he understood the potential of the 30 year old shop. And if last weekends “Season Start-Up Party” was any indication of what’s to come, local riders are in for a treat!
Sharpey’s Cycle has been selected as the Muddbunnies Riding Club’s Burnaby sponsoring shop. Members will receive special discounts, (details to be released in the club newsletter) and now have a local shop to go to. Congratulations Jimi and Nicole!
Wanna know more about this dynamic duo? Read on!


1. Can you give us a history of the shop?
Sharpey’s Cycles has been part of the Burnaby community for over 30 years. It started off as a lawnmower and bike shop back in the day but I’m guessing the need for the two combined items slowly died out and it became the thriving bike shop it is today.

2.Tell us about yourselves. What is you and your wife’s background in the bike industry? What is your personal history?
Ummm where do I start, Both my wife and I spent most of our prior working years in business managment and development in a variety of industries. Nicole and I met in Whistler where we were both taking a career break to enjoy our passions of snowboarding and biking and together always dreamed of the day we owned our own Bike shop…(and North Americas largest indoor bike park)….well we have accomplished one of these so far so watch out! We then had our son Ryder (now 4) who at 2 was asking for bike movies instead of cartoons and vowed to grow up to be Ryan Leech, we knew that our futures were going to be in the Bike industry. We all share a passion for Downhill, Freeride and Cross Country riding and are now learning a whole new set of skills with BMX and Road Racing. Watch for Ryder kickin’ it with some flatland BMX the next time you are in the store!

3.How and why did you take on such a huge project of completely refacing and renovating Sharpey’s?
Well to be real… there was no way we could run it the way it was. We saw the potential and thought, if we are going to do it lets do it right!. A good saying kept coming to us..”If you build it, they will come” lol Field of Dreams I think. We’ve both had an unwavering belief on the potential and thanks to the help of good friends we have been able to turn the shop around in a very short time. A special thank you to Jeremy, Phil and John….our bike Shop angels!


4.Why did you pick Sharpey’s? What was special about this shop?
You know about four years ago we began talking about owning our own bike shop, initially this was when we were in Whistler which was unrealistic as the market was saturated and rents very high. After going to the UK for 12 months we moved to Vancouver and then settled in North Burnaby which immediately felt like home. We drove back and forth past Sharpey’s day after day and then when we saw the former owner advertising to sell we just knew right then that this was it, both our permanent home and business location.

The shop is in such a fantastic location right at the bottom of Burnaby Mountain, on a main traffic artery into Vancouver and just up the road from the Veledrome and new skills park that Jay Hoots is building with the city of Burnaby. It also has a great local community and very loyal customer base. We could see through the state of the older building and appearance of the shop and had a vision of what an amazing bike shop Sharpey’s could be. In fact before we purchased the shop we took a picture of the shop and then I drew my vision of what I pictured the shop could be, we placed those pictures on our wall at home and everyday worked towards reaching that goal and the result is the Sharpey’s Cycles of today.

5.What products do you sell and who do you cater to?
We range from a great selection of kids bikes, comfort bikes, road, hybrid, cruisers, trail, freeride, dirt jumpers, entry level mountain bike all the way up to high end DH and all mountain bikes like the Fluid LT. We also have a great selection of parts and accessories from hydration pack, fenders, grips seat posts basically everything you can imagine. If we don’t have it in, we get it in. We are here to give the customer exactly what they need.

We cater to the Sunday cruiser down by the beach, the hardworking commuter, the BMX and dirt jump crowd, the hardcore DH’er as well as the mom and pop’s who want to strap their child to the back of their bike and go for a ride.

6.How do you give back to your community? Are you involved with any trail associations and riding clubs?
Right now we are building relationships with Burnaby Mountain Bike Association (we are a sponsor) The Burnaby Veladrome (We are a sponsor), Muddbunnies of course and we are joining Obsession in their mission for Bikes for Tykes.

7.What does the year ahead look like at the shop?
Wow well if last weekend was anything to go by (when it was dry and sunny) I think it will be a fantastic year. We also have 1500 sq ft in the basement that we plan on developing into a bike service area and more retail space.

8.What makes your shop unique and why should we shop at your store?
I think we are unique in the fact that we took over the store because of the passion we have for biking and our fantastic customer service and that really show’s when you come in. We are a no pressure location and if all you want to do is come in and catch up on the latest info, fill your water bottle and watch some of the latest biking movies on one of our four flat screen TV’s then you are more than welcome. We are also a family run business that really listen to the needs of our customers and want to integrate ourselves into the community.

9. Last words?
I want to take this opportunity to thank a few key people in helping us achieve our dreams and goals. I want to personally thank Phil Mahoney for bugging me to go biking when all I was interested in was boarding, you sparked the fire mate. I want to thank my mate Clint for everything he has taught me and for guiding me when I needed it. Thank you from the bottom of my low skill level to Jeremy Smith, for all the late nights, sweat and laughter and all the hard work he’s put into the shop (thats a good friend) Thank you to Jeff Nyhaug (Our Norco rep). The support him and Norco have given Sharpey’s cycles is nothing short of amazing. I also want to thank all my other suppliers and our customers as without them we could not live the dream we are doing.

Most of all I want to thank Nicole my wife for putting up with the 16hr days, late nights. For looking after me and bringing me food, coffees and my wonderful son Ryder to see me when I least expect it. – Jimi

Don’t take my word for it, visit the shop yourself:

Tel: 604 298 9930
Direct 604 551 7959
6661 Hasting St
Burnaby BC
V5B 1S1


March 4, 2008

Source: Trisha Petrella, Norco Performance Bikes


February 26th, 2008 ~ Mace Clothing & Armour is excited to announce that their 2008 line of gear is now in stores, and to celebrate, they’ve launched a brand new website in both a Flash and Static format. This year’s site features downloadable high-rez images , suggested Canadian and US prices, enhanced ‘Find a Dealer’ buttons, and bookmarkable product pages for easier reference.

About Mace:

Riding is about having fun on the most efficient versatile machine on the planet; “the bike”. It can take you up the mountains, along the streets, or throughout the parks, no matter where you ride your bike; Mace is there with you. Mace creates gear that makes you want to ride. On or off your bike, we have you covered with clothing for the active progressive rider. Riding a bike isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. All aspects of Mace Gear are designed to enhance your riding experience, and make every ride your best ride.

Enjoy Mace and enjoy the ride, and remember – two wheels will save the world.





sharpey-logo.jpg logo.gif


March 4, 2008

Source: Rich Carr, CRME


Pua Sawicki, 2007 Female Mountain Biker of the Year, has entered into a multi-year title sponsorship agreement with Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles. Fresh off a hugely successful 2007 season racing her Ellsworth Truth, and with key wins in major endurance races such as USA Cycling’s 24 Hour Solo National Championships, 12 Hours of Dirt, Sweat and Gears and the Baja Ultra Endurance 100k race, Pua and Ellsworth have forged a partnership that catapults both entities forward.


“It is truly amazing to have found and built a partnership with a company like Ellsworth. They have put their trust in us, through the good times and the bad, and have helped to make our dream come true and for that we could never thank them enough.” said Pua as she’s about to begin her 2008 season. “Not only have we gained a whole new family, but I get to ride the best bikes in the world! Thank you so much Tony and the rest of the Ellsworth crew!”

In pursuit of more endurance race wins in 2008, Pua will again be racing and training on Ellsworth’s legendary “Truth” frame. The Truth is a durable, light weight, and a highly refined design for endurance and cross country racing. In the agreement, Pua will continue to ride Ellsworth’s Mountain, Cyclocross & Road frames.

“It’s great to have a winning rider racing your frame designs, but Pua brings a spirit and personality to the sport that makes it an honor to have her choose our frames year after year to race on”. Says Tony Ellsworth, CEO of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles. “Pua not only brings world class racing skills to Ellsworth, but she is also a tremendous ambassador for us and for endurance racing. We are looking forward to her success this racing season”.


March 4, 2008

Competitive cycling will have a new name at this year’s Sea Otter Classic. SRAM “Dual Stunt” adapts a Dual Slalom race format to a flat course featuring wood and dirt obstacles. How it works: two racers compete side-by-side on identical 400-foot long courses scattered with notorious North Shore-style elements like wooden bridges and dirt jumps. The timed event pits competitors against each other where the maximum time differential can only reach 1.5 seconds. The slower racer either makes up the time and advances or concedes defeat – same as in Dual Slalom. The semi-invitational event kicks off on Friday, April 18 with qualifying rounds.
“This is a sport that originated in mountain biking and is specific to mountain biking,” said Jeff Lenosky, who will build the Dual Stunt course along with fellow racer Kyle Ebbett and Ray Petro of Ray’s Indoor MTB Park. “It really doesn’t favor one discipline over another – you can have a podium filled with a trials rider, a dirt jumper, freeriders, or a world champion downhiller, it’s really across the board. If you’re a good bike handler, then you could really excel at this discipline.”

Still unclear about Dual Stunt? Have a look here at an event that Lenosky designed, which is similar to Dual Stunt.



March 2, 2008