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February 25, 2008

SOURCE: Commencal

Micayla Gatto has been a phenom in Canadian DH racing for years now, after pulling off back to back National DH Junior Womens titles and a Bronze at World Championships, she up’d the ante this year by dominating the Canadian National Series winning all her races and taking the National Womens Elite/Pro title. Micayla has already started off 2008 with a 3rd place finish at the Downtown DH race in Chile! Watch for her competing at World Cups around the globe.




February 21, 2008


Duke’s Cycle Had Stood At Same Location For Almost 100 Years


It’s been owned and run by the same family, in the same location, for almost 100 years. That alone made Duke’s cycle unique. The fact that it was linked to so many fond memories, made it part of Toronto’s proud history.

On Wednesday, however, the business, owned by the Duke family since 1914, was devastated by a furious blaze that toppled several local stores along Queen near Bathurst.

Sales manager at Duke’s, Mark Newman, spoke to CityNews about the tragic fire and the store’s future.

“Obviously it’s too soon to tell what is going to happen … the building is completely gone. But we’re definitely going to rebuild and get something going. We’ll probably start something up in the neighborhood.”

The blaze couldn’t have hit at a worse time.

“We actually had our full inventory inside the store,” Newman reveals. “We just received almost everything. So probably about a million dollars worth of inventory is completely gone.”

“It’s tough to see a landmark like this gone. It’s probably the longest-standing bike store in North America that is continuously owned and operated by the same family and same location without moving. So it’s devastating.”

Despite the magnitude of the loss, Newman is grateful no one was hurt.

“Nobody was hurt. Nobody was injured. I mean as bad as it is, it’s only stuff. They’re bricks and wood. It’s metal. We can rebuild and replace that. I mean it’s really more of the sentimental attachment. We had a lot of historical stuff inside the building.”

“I feel really bad for Mr. Duke,” he concludes. “He’s in his 80s. He still works three days a week. Him and his wife still come to the store. That’s going to be a devastating blow to them.”

For another report and video footage of this story by The Star, click here


February 21, 2008

March 8th & 9th in Sooke, BC (Vancouver Island), Darcy Turenne is offering a Ladies-Only Riding Clinic.


The weekend is aimed and beginner to intermediate riders who would like to improve their basic handling skills, balance and positioning, braking, cornering, descending, and learn about bike maintenance.

To Find out more, call: 250.642.8000!


February 21, 2008

Norco and Griffiths Racing are excited to announce the launch of Fionn’s new website. The site includes her blog, tons of photos, news, schedule, and much more. Visit

About Norco Products Ltd.
Whether you’re sportin’ spandex and cleats, or torn jeans and a bandana, if riding a bike is the highlight of your day, the one bright moment in your week, or that old faithful friend patiently hanging in your garage – then you understand what Norco is all about. We make great bikes, because we want to ride great bikes, it’s as simple as that.

Check out to view our entire line of 2008 bicycles.



February 20, 2008



Waterloo, WI

This Saturday’s Tara Benefit Jam hosted at Rye Airfield in Rye, NH will feature a poster signing by Cam McCaul, Trek’s Freeride Phenom. With the purchase of each $3 signed poster, Trek will donate an additional $12. That means that for every poster purchased, Trek will donate $15 to the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund.

“Tara’s injury struck a chord with me personally,” said Michael Browne, Trek’s MTB Brand Manager, “and I’ve been looking for a way to offer support. When Kyle Ebbett announced his efforts to organize the Tara Benefit Jam, Cam jumped on board. And when Cam told me about it, I knew Trek had to get behind it. This is just a great way to help out a fallen rider who needs every bit of support our community can offer.”

“After so many years racing and competing, I just feel it’s my responsibility to organize this event,” says Ebbett, reflecting on why he decided to get riders together for the competition. “And I love Tara – she’s a super incredible person who’s respected everywhere. I hope for a ton of awareness, and I hope to raise a ton of money. And I know it will succeed, because who doesn’t like to watch Cam McCaul ride?”

The event takes place on February 23rd. The competition starts at 9 pm, but poster sales will be happening prior. Anyone interested in attending can visit for more details.

source: Michael Browne


February 20, 2008


It’s February. Normally at this time each year I am skiing or sitting in a cold, damp university classroom – but not this February. This February (thus far) has been full of sun, skateparks, bikes, and beaches. Why you ask? Because I’m in California!!!

I decided to escape the dreary Vancouver Island winter this year and come down to the land of lap dogs, bleach blondes, and vanity (yep, I’m in LA) to see if I could spend more time on my bike than I could at home (which is bound to happen because it’s too cold to ride at home).


So far it’s been working out great. I drove down with my friend Toni and we took a few days to see the sights and some friends along the way in Portland, San Francisco, and Morro Bay. Although I’ve done that drive a few times, I always forget how long it really takes. I’m dreading the trip home for that reason alone!

Anyways, I’m here now and I’ve been insanely busy since I first rolled in.

I first went to visit my sponsors who are based out of Cali – Oakley and Etnies – and then began my mission. Ride till I drop!

The first weekend I was here my friend and I went to Woodward West. I’ve never been there before but I think ‘mind-blowing’ would be the right word to describe it! It was snowing like crazy up there, but thankfully we could ride indoors. I switched between my 26” and 20” bikes and had a lot of fun on the ramps and in the foam pit. I learned a ton and acquired a few bruises to prove it!

In LA, I have some friends with sweet hookups to skateparks in the area that are supposed to be skate-only, but somehow we are allowed to ride there! Because of that, I’ve been riding my BMX twice a day. So fun! My mountain bike friends all have “real” jobs so I’m going to have to wait until the weekend to ride trails…I can’t wait! I miss dirt.

Well, I have to get my day sorted. Let’s see. . .where to ride? What Mexican food stand to eat at afterwards? So many decisions!

Sending sunshine from California!



February 19, 2008

All hell’s gonna break loose when the gate drops at 8:10.

February 20th @ 8:00pm, the gates going to drop. Over the next 2 hours, it’s going to drop….a lot. And after that 2 hours, The 2007-2008 Pipeline Indoor 4x Series will crown a new set of 4x Champions.

Pipeline Bike Park, with the help of Kona Bikes, Fox Racing Inc, Sixsixone/Sunline Components/Royal Racing, Experience Cycling, Fox Eyewear, Abbotsford BMX, Dincus Clothing, Richmond Motorsports, Ora Bags, and Escents – Define Your Mood , have been driven to put on a great grassroots 4x racing series that wasn’t too heavy on the wallet. But there’s was one person who made it a great success. You.

The rider count has been incredible and is still going strong. But with one more race left, How’s it going to turn out? It’s another Double Points night so anything could happen, and any placing could be changed!

Nick Goertzen looks to have the title wrapped up in the Pro Men’s class, but the real story is between Tyler Gorz, Brian O, and “Bad News” Adam Muys for the next 3 spots. Even 5th place Todd Castonguay could come out of no where to gain a couple points. Keep your eyes peeled on this race. The money is on the line as the Experience Cycling Pro Purse has hit $500 bucks!

With the absence of Open Mens Points Leader, Chris Buckrell last week, The Open Men’s class is up for anyone who really wants it. There are only 10 points between 1st and 4th. Anyone could make a grab and take over the top spot and win the Kona Dudu Frame!

We hope to see you there on Wednesday Feb 20th! Here’s the Race Notes. A lot of questions you may have are already listed here (PLEASE READ):

1) 2008 LICENCES APPLY!!! If you haven’t gotten your CCA/UCI/CYCLING BC licence, or annual Pipeline Club Membership, this would be the place to snag a new one.

Pipeline Membership – $35 for new members,
$30 for existing members Pipeline Membership (Assoc Membership – if you’re part of another club) – $10 (per year)
Pipeline Membership if you have a full UCI Licence – $2 (per year)

2) Rider Meeting is 8pm and the gate drops at 8:10, so if you’re coming from downtown Vancouver, You should be able to get there before 7pm, giving you a ton of practice time before racing.

3) RANDOM GATE: The new UCI random gate has a similar call to the one in the last race, but the actually gate drop is randomized to prevent early starts & slingshots. If you think BMX racers have an advantage, think again. If you’re used to the old gate start, PLEASE PRACTICE THE NEW GATE a few times before the race.

4)Elimination Rounds: The elimination tournament rounds will be listed on the wall by the finishline after the break. These will be updated with each round of eliminations. If you think you’ve been eliminated, please check the board to confirm.

5)BMX Safety rules apply. Full Face Helmets, Covered Arms (Jersey or pads), Covered Legs (Pants or pads) and gloves are required. If you don’t have a full face, let us know. We may be able to help.

6) Races are held at Abbotsford Indoor BMX. Directions can be found at!

7) Race will be set up as a 3 moto mixed qualifier followed by elimination rounds, mains, and consolation rounds. This means you’re guaranteed at least 3 races per entry.

8) There are 4 official classes: Pro, Open, Women, and Juniors. This may change depending on how many entries we have. If you’re under 12, new to the sport, or whatever, Don’t Worry! We’ll have a competitive, yet fun class for you. Series Points will be based on your class, not who you end up racing.

9) PLEASE BRING A NUMBER PLATE. We’ll have extras, but if you can bring your own, that would be great. Thanks!

10) Riders who sign up for a Pipeline Membership can only practice at the Abbotsford Indoor on the Wednesdays we have the track reserved. If you want to ride more at this awesome venue, please support your local track and buy a full membership. Special rates apply for 07 AND 08 memberships.

11) Be Safe out there! Block passes and lane changes get really tight when the racing goes in-door. If you’re racing Pro, the racing will be tight, but no one out there is racing to take anyone down. Don’t take it personal if you get run high or blocked, you just got caught in a bad spot. Shake hands across the line, and please speak to the organizer if you feel your claim deserves a protest.

12) 4x Bike Requirements: Bike MUST conform to TWO of the following: 26″ Wheels, Front Suspension, or Shifting Gears. 4x is a sport ridden on mountain bikes. Try and keep your bike looking and riding like one.

13) Points Breakdown is as follows (Double Points Finale!):
1st Place – 12 pts
2nd Place – 8 pts
3rd Place – 6 pts
4th Place – 4 pts
5th Place – 4 pts
>6th Place – 2 pt

Everyone who shows up to the race gets at least 1 point, so even if you’re not a contender for the title, it’s still worth hitting all the races to gather points towards the final. We also award the same points for 4th and 5th to award the rider who worked their butt off to win the consolation round. If you don’t make the main, it’s still worth the effort.

Race Fees:
Pro – $15 per race ($5 goes back into the pro purse)
Open Women – $12 per race
Open Men – $12 per race
Junior – $12 per race

Any Questions? Hit us up at


February 19, 2008


For Immediate Release

Sharpey’s Cycles- Under new Ownership/Management

Sharpey’s Cycles of North Burnaby is now under new ownership.
Under new ownership and management since September 2007, this family run business has transformed the shop into a new and improved version of its former self. From flat screen TV’s showing the latest DVD’s to indoor trainers set up for you to try, Sharpey’s Cycles know what it is about biking that flickers your switch.
The knowledgeable staff has a wealth of information and a huge passion for biking which enables them to be in touch with your needs whether it’s a commute to work or hang on for dear life downhill run.
We are proud to have two of the largest bike manufacturers in North America, Norco and Specialized as well a fantastic selection of parts and accessories such as DVD’s, Indoor trainers, Dragon, Fox, Race Face, Six Six One, Mace and lots more as well as clothing from Mace, Fox, Activa, Royal, Norco, and Loeka (for the ladies)
Sharpey’s Cycles has been apart of the North Burnaby biking scene for 30 years now and its new owners Jimi and Nicole Evans-Brockett are excited to bring their passion for biking to the business.
The Evans-Brocketts have been very busy upgrading the store with major renovations to turn the store into a new an improved version of its former self. They will be celebrating the completion of the renovations and their new ownership with a Bike Season Start Up Party on Saturday March 1 between 12-3pm. The event will include trials displays by Ryan Leech, Norco tents, various other pro riders, BBQ, DJ, free draws and much much more. The event is open to the public and all ages are welcome to attend.


Sharpey’s Cycles – 6661 East Hastings, Burnaby, BC, V5B 1S1.
Phone: 604-298-9930, Fax: 604-298-3012


February 19, 2008




February 15, 2008



Sharpey’s Cycles is currently looking for a full time bike mechanic. If you’re interested or know anyone that would be a great fit for this new thriving shop please contact Jimi at Sharpeys Cycles.

Tel: 604 298 9930
Direct 604 551 7959
6661 Hasting St
Burnaby BC
V5B 1S1