We are proud to present the second annual Muddbunnies Calendar. By bringing on Lead Photographer Dan Barham, multiple contributing photographers, and Kris Bergen, (one of the best Art Directors around) we’ve stepped up our game for the 2008 calendar.

We recognize that not everyone understands our fundraising idea, and as our press release for the 2008 calendar is now live we thought it an appropriate time to explain the history of the calendar.


The idea of producing a sexy, club calendar originally came from Bunnie Syd, (one of the first four members of the club). It was the end of summer and there was a group of us dirt jumping in Richmond, when Syd came to us and suggested the fundraiser. Shortly thereafter we met with Danielle Baker, (who would become the 2007 Lead Photographer and Designer) and we began brainstorming and planning for our first club calendar. Here’s what we thought:

Mountain biking is an extreme, exhilarating, and sexy sport. To most who try it for the first time, it becomes a life-changing experience; a sport in which we’re instantly hooked on. We wanted to represent the women in this great sport not to sexualize and objectify them but to celebrate them.

Many women who begin riding, me included, find a way to challenge everything we’ve ever been taught as a woman in sport: be careful, be cautious, don’t hurt yourself, it’s a guys sport, it’s too aggressive for girls. Yet instead of succumbing to the pressure of, “acting like a girl” we’re pushing the envelope and making a place for ourselves in this sport the same way female snowboarders have in theirs.

Just like the boys we break bones, tear tendons, scrap skin, destroy rims, and demolish our bikes. And just like the boys we speed down mountains, land tricks, master our way over elevated skinnies, race epic courses and descend on some of the narliest terrain out there.


So we collectively agreed our local female rippers deserved some recognition for their determination and tenacity to progress their sport. Not only are the Muddbunnies calendar models avid bikers but they have also been heavily involved with their riding community in one way or another: through Muddbunnies Riding Club, another local club, or their volunteer work with trail associations.

Each model/rider worked closely with the photographers to determine their riding and studio photo. Some models were more comfortable with less clothing on and some were not but every model made their own decisions. It was their celebration and so it made sense that they should decide what their own sexiness looked like and NOT for us to decide what sexiness looked like for them.

The success of last years calendar allowed us to contribute $200 to the North Shore Mountain Biking Association (N.S.M.B.A.), helped pay club website fees and garnered more attention for the club than we had anticipated. Our membership doubled this year and we reached our goals of forming a Cycling BC recognized club and race team.

This year the decision of whether to continue the sexy theme was heavily weighed as we wanted to honour every woman who rode hard. We discussed including younger riders, pro riders and other girls who could really throw it down. When we took a poll with some of the local riding community to find out their thoughts on a new calendar theme, the overwhelming response was, “why change what is not broke”. The sexy themed calendar of local riders is what makes our calendar unique and fun. It is an acclamation to the local women who put countless hours on their bikes and who volunteer in their biking community. Points taken!

The 2008 calendar continues the fun and anomalous style with an upgraded version, a Muddbunnies 2.0 if you will. We hope you’ll participate in our fundraiser by purchasing a calendar for yourself or someone who would appreciate it and enjoy it.


The 2008 Muddbunnies calendar generates revenue for the club and race team allowing us to organize riding and race clinics, assist our racers with race fees, advocate and educate at various biking events and assist with web fees and costs. In addition, we will also donate $1 from every calendar sold to be shared between the F.V.M.B.A. (Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association) and the Richard Juryn Memorial Fund.

Ride on!

Love it? Hate it? Let us know what you think!



  1. M-R Says:

    I want to buy one as a christmas gift to some of my rider friends. Where can I get them??

  2. muddbunnies Says:

    Calendars will be on sale Dec. 1st online @,, and and retail for $24.99

  3. Veronica Kacinik Says:

    Ryan….such a good read! I hope this sheds light to those who misunderstand the calendar and purpose!


  4. Greg Rector Says:

    Nicely said. I am sure it will be a resounding success. Just remember, as long as you and the models can live with your decisions everything will work out fine. There will always be nay sayers, as hard as that is to believe, but you ladies are doing a great job of reaching other women in this sport and letting them know they are not alone out there on the mountain. Keep up the great work!!!


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