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November 26, 2007



I’m currently working on my very first bike build, (article to come) and I recently paid a visit to the boys at 3Ride , a BMX shop in Vancouver, where I picked up a sick United saddle with stunning gold stitching (matches my bottom bracket). I spent a visit in the shop drooling at all the dope BMX P & A. Mmmmamma! I asked the owner what he could tell me about the girls bmx scene and not surprisingly he said it was minimal. He knew of one or two girls who rode. Soooo, if any of you mtbers are keen on picking up yet another style of riding then BMX is it! It’s known that some of the best male freeriders come from a BMX background (hello Darren Berrecloth).
For this weeks video we’re trickin’ it on the bmx again. Annica Jonsson is a 25 year old rider from Sweden and she’s put together this sweet-ass flick. And be sure to check out the article from and Annica’s BMX site for girls



November 26, 2007



Dave Watson and his fine crew at Sombrio are making some of the nicest freeride wear on the planet – and now you can get it delivered right to your door – no matter where you live. Right now they have some great incentives for both their women’s and men’s lines. Buy for yourself or fill the stocking of the rider in on your list. Hit up either or to order and get yourself a deal.

Treat a friend or hell…treat yourself to these great deals!

Or for the men in your life…


November 20, 2007


Gorz and Goertzen better bring the “A Game” as Retribution comes to the Pipeline Pump Track.


Saturday December 1st at 3pm, head down to the Pipeline Pump Track to try out a great type of racing. Pump Racing! No pedaling allowed on this track as riders go head-to-head on the same track.

Last race Nick Goertzen finally broke Tyler Gorz’ winning streak, but Gorz isn’t out yet, neither is Muys, LaChance, Hoath, Onofrichuk, Starcevic or any of the other guys in the pro class. The track will be super tacky with traction as we run classes from U13, U15, Open Men, Open and Pro Women, and Pro Men. Dress warm and be prepared to lay it all out on what the line at “Retribution” – An adrenaline soaked thrill ride from the UPC (Ultimate Pump Racing Championship, duh!)

Qualifying is a 2 lap timed run. Riders are then seeded into a dual elimination bracket. That mean if you lose one round, you still get another chance to make it into the final!

The cost? Only $2 bucks if you’re a pipeline club member, or UCI licence holder. Here’s how to become a member…

And if you recently signed up for a membership at the Abbotsford Indoor, You’re in! Only costs $2 bucks for your entry.

Membership Rates:
New Membership $35
Renewing 2007 Membership $30
Associate Membership $10 (Must belong to another UCI affiliated club) UCI Licence Holders $2 Register at or onsite at one of our races.

All Pipeline Races are sponsored by Fox Racing, Kona Bikes and Experience Cycling! Come down, compete, snag a prize, and have a great time. Come early to practice or any day leading up to the race. The park is open every day!

Hope to see you there….at Retribution!


November 19, 2007


So last July 14 and 15th the NSMB Airprentice invitational welcomed their second ever female rider to compete for a spot on the NSMB team. She competed with 10 guys throwin’ huge tables, whips, flips, no-handers, and 360 X-ups. It’s a big day in women’s riding when a female gets an invitation to an event like this one.

britnee-3.jpg Photo: Dan Barham

As soon as I heard there was a female competitor in the 2007 Airprentice I wanted to know everything about her! So after text-tagging for months, we finally met Britnee last year at Crankworx. She’d been staying in Whistler for weeks and was planning on competing in WomensWorx at Crankworx.

Photo: Dan Barham

Here’s the Muddbunnies interview:

MB: Some descriptions of your zodiac sign are people who are lucky, risk-takers, sometimes cocky, positive, jovial persons who see their glass as half-full. Does that describe you?
BB: Almost to the T, except I’m more confident than cocky! (Laughs)

MB: How would you describe your riding style?
BB: Naked, (laughs) just kidding, solid and flowy.

MB: What’s the riding in Kelowna like?
BB: Amazing, it’s got a lil’ bit of everything for every kind of rider: dirt jumps, massive wall rides, gaps, drops; a one stop road trip for sure.

britnee-8.jpg Photo: Michelle Santos

MB: So you took 1st in the beginner category at Sea Otter, Hammerfest in Parksville and you were an Airprentice contender at Whistler this year. Talk to us first about your win at Sea Otter.
BB: Wow! Where to start: this was an amazing race and I wouldn’t want to have my first race anywhere else. The whole week was an experience that everyone should do at least once. The trip down with the Loeka team was a gong show then I had a few days of practise and checking stuff out. Race day was a mess; torrential down pour like tropical rain styles. Times were all delayed over an hour and a half and everyone was cold and wet. The course was a big mud bath and the lines I practised were all gone so it was a, “goes where my bike goes” kinda run. I was beat by the end but finished covered in mud and a perm-a-grin. So I get out of my gear and header to the liquor store. By the end of it, I had my 26 of vodka on the podium with me, making the girls take a swig. It was classy!

MB: Now tell us about Airprentice; it’s kind of a big deal hangin’ with the boys at Whistler. What was the experience like?
BB: It was an honour to ride with Cam (McRae) at Silver Star and for him to ask me to join them. I packed my stuff and was off to Whistler to ride with the big boys, (more like young bucks that could throw down like crazy). We sessioned the 4-pack on A-line; watching these boys throw down 3’s and huge tables, and suicides just made me want to learn more and ride harder. Watchin’ them in the boneyard, was like a front row seat to the best concert in town! The foam pit: wow is that a fun time for an evening. It was a privilege riding with those boys, and I plan on riding with them more often next summer.

MB: You competed at Crankworx/Womensworx this year. What was the female competition like at one of the best riding spots in the world?
BB: There are for sure some amazing female riders out there, and some amazing up-and-coming too that I hope I’ll get to ride with more next year.

MB: What would you do differently this year if you could?
BB: Get my cardio up for sure; that was my biggest downfall. I could ride the trails no problem but I would just get tired of pedalling.

Photo: Michelle Santos

MB: What is your training regime?
BB: Carry box of beer to the counter, carry it to my truck, carry it to the house, take bottle out, open bottle, lift to mouth, repeat and repeat. (laughs) Just kidding, I got a stationary bike that I ride at work on the rig plus swimming, running, and normal gym stuff, mostly riding my bike as much as possible.

MB: What’s your pre-race routine?
BB: Throw some country into my MP3 player and visualise my run, my lines, and my finish, slam an energy drink, and say to myself, “Self” (and I recognize the voice cause I’ve heard it once before) “just giver”.

MB: What are your bikes?
BB: My babies you mean?? My dh bike is a Santa Cruz VP-Free, with a Fox 40 and all tricked out in .243 parts. I love it, its money! And my HT, which is practically never used is a giant STP, frost green, also tricked out in .243 parts. Thanks E!

MB: How’d you get into riding? How old were you?
BB: Actually my ex-boyfriend lost his license so we both got bikes to get to work. Started off on a Devinci Hucker, and got on to and met some locals and went to Gillard. I fell in love with it so I bought a fully.


MB: So what are your goals for next year?
BB: Well I’m taking the summer off of work to just ride so roads trip are on the list for sure. I wanna ride some new trails in new towns, meet some more riding buddies, and race a ton. Gonna podium and get my name out there.

MB: Okay tell us about girls riding. Where’s the future of it all going?
BB: Riding as a whole is just exploding but for female riders we have an amazing opportunity. Men opened many doors for us and we just have to ride through them and take it as far as we want really. I can’t wait for ’08, I’m gonna test a bunch of limits for sure.

MB: What about people who say women’s riding levels are far behind the guys?
BB: I believe that women riders are starting to push the limits and follow in the ever-so-large footsteps the men have made for this sport. I guess it just comes down to us being a lil’ more cautious and not having the weight mass and muscle mass like men. Just cause it’s a male-dominated sport doesn’t mean we’re not gonna give the guys a run for there money.


MB: Any female riding heroes?
BB: Honestly I don’t follow the pros too much but I had an awesome run with Micayla Gatto on A-line. I was just doing a normal run and heard someone coming behind me so I kicked it to fast gear and ripped. I stopped at the top of the bone yard and she rolled up beside me and was impressed with my speed. Amazing compliment from an amazing riding. She’s sick!

MB: What’s the race circuit like on a novice level?
BB: Its good times! The girls are all great and are here to have a good time, make a friend and ride their bike. More like a bunch of friends just riding than wanting each other to fall so they can gain a few seconds on them.

MB: Favourite riding quote?
BB: “No sense in forcing it, you just gotta let it flow” and my fav is, “As far as motors go bigger is better, as far as speed goes faster is funner, as far as life goes its better lived on the edge where the view, like the throttle, is always WFO.

MB: Are you single?
BB: #$%# yeah I am! (laughs) I’m too busy being here and there and all around and haven’t found the right guy yet.

MB: Describe your perfect boyfriend.
BB: Well where to start? He’s gotta be outgoing, funny, hardworking, athletic, trusting, and game for almost anything I’m gonna drag him into. Doesn’t hurt if he’s a cowboy, farmer, or ninja, or rides bikes. Oh yeah and a sexy hot body and eyes I can lose myself in.

MB: Describe your perfect day of riding.
BB: Any day of ridin’ is usually perfect, but what would top it off: early morning wake up, head to the hill do a warm up run, then 3 runs or so of Gillard, pack it up head over the bridge stopping at Subway in Westside, before shuttling Powers for a few runs and trying a new stunt on every run, pushing it a lil’ more each run and then heading to the lake for a dip before a bbq dinner and beers on the deck.
MB: DAMN! That does sound like a perfect day!


MB: You work on an oilrig in northern Alberta as a paramedic?
BB: Ya that’s true and I love it 🙂

MB: How’d you get into that line of work?
BB: For the money. I wanted to pay off my mortgage faster, and this was the way. Now I love the work and will be going to school in September in Kelowna for my Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) for a lifelong career, it’s a rush.

MB: What’s been the craziest experience on the rig?
BB: Going up to the crown for sure, (the crown is the very top of the rig, 100 feet in the air). It was a huge rush! Kane my driller took me up there at like two in the morning; so quite and relaxing. Either that or my heli evac I had; that was a rush.

MB: What kind of riding do you do?
BB: I would say I’m more of a freerider, love the DH too.


MB: Any style you want to try?
BB: Maybe 4X, but sticking to DH, freeriding, some dirt jumping and maybe a lil’ street. Staying completely away from spandi riding for sure!

MB: Favourite trail at Whistler?
BB: Kinda cliche but, A-line. I learned to make all the trannies last year and it makes it so much more fun. I also rip Slayer, Crank it up is a good warm up, and Karate Monkey just for the name. I’m a ninja you know?!

MB: Favourite life quote?
BB: “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything ” and “Pain is only an illusion”.

MB: 5 year plan in life and on the bike?
BB: I’ll be 27 by then, will be a paramedic with BC ambulance, enjoying life in the beautiful Okanagan, hopefully find me a good man to keep around, and riding like I am now I hope. Racing, travelling, maybe even teaching.

MB: Best thing in your life right now?
BB: To be honest my life is perfect right now! I have an amazing family, (love you mom and dad), awesome friends who are there for me, I love my job and make great money doing something I love. I’m travelling tons (Honduras, Venezuela ) I LOVE my bike, and my truck. Guess I lucked out.

Photo: Michelle Santos

MB: If you were a drink (alcoholic or not) what would you be?
BB: A cold beer on a hot day, no one can say no to you…. or tequila ” cause tequila makes your clothes fall off ”

MB: Last words?
BB: Guess I should say my thank you’s… Mom and Dad for being so supportive, and trying not to worry when I go riding, or call and say I’m on the way to the hospital because I crashed my bike. Cyclepath for being there from the start, always squishing my bike in, and all the extra support. Eric from 243. Racing, Greg from Straitline, Spencer with Rock Star Energy Drinks, and of course RYAN and MICHELLE for all there sweet loving. Thanks all, and to all a good night!


November 19, 2007


Well we’ve got another video of Britnee Boychuck to show you all. We figured since we’re about to post a Muddbunnies interview of this female ripper from Kelowna, who is also one of the 2008 Muddbunnies Calendar models, this video would be approriate. You wanna see a tear it up, well here she is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


November 19, 2007


We are proud to present the second annual Muddbunnies Calendar. By bringing on Lead Photographer Dan Barham, multiple contributing photographers, and Kris Bergen, (one of the best Art Directors around) we’ve stepped up our game for the 2008 calendar.

We recognize that not everyone understands our fundraising idea, and as our press release for the 2008 calendar is now live we thought it an appropriate time to explain the history of the calendar.


The idea of producing a sexy, club calendar originally came from Bunnie Syd, (one of the first four members of the club). It was the end of summer and there was a group of us dirt jumping in Richmond, when Syd came to us and suggested the fundraiser. Shortly thereafter we met with Danielle Baker, (who would become the 2007 Lead Photographer and Designer) and we began brainstorming and planning for our first club calendar. Here’s what we thought:

Mountain biking is an extreme, exhilarating, and sexy sport. To most who try it for the first time, it becomes a life-changing experience; a sport in which we’re instantly hooked on. We wanted to represent the women in this great sport not to sexualize and objectify them but to celebrate them.

Many women who begin riding, me included, find a way to challenge everything we’ve ever been taught as a woman in sport: be careful, be cautious, don’t hurt yourself, it’s a guys sport, it’s too aggressive for girls. Yet instead of succumbing to the pressure of, “acting like a girl” we’re pushing the envelope and making a place for ourselves in this sport the same way female snowboarders have in theirs.

Just like the boys we break bones, tear tendons, scrap skin, destroy rims, and demolish our bikes. And just like the boys we speed down mountains, land tricks, master our way over elevated skinnies, race epic courses and descend on some of the narliest terrain out there.


So we collectively agreed our local female rippers deserved some recognition for their determination and tenacity to progress their sport. Not only are the Muddbunnies calendar models avid bikers but they have also been heavily involved with their riding community in one way or another: through Muddbunnies Riding Club, another local club, or their volunteer work with trail associations.

Each model/rider worked closely with the photographers to determine their riding and studio photo. Some models were more comfortable with less clothing on and some were not but every model made their own decisions. It was their celebration and so it made sense that they should decide what their own sexiness looked like and NOT for us to decide what sexiness looked like for them.

The success of last years calendar allowed us to contribute $200 to the North Shore Mountain Biking Association (N.S.M.B.A.), helped pay club website fees and garnered more attention for the club than we had anticipated. Our membership doubled this year and we reached our goals of forming a Cycling BC recognized club and race team.

This year the decision of whether to continue the sexy theme was heavily weighed as we wanted to honour every woman who rode hard. We discussed including younger riders, pro riders and other girls who could really throw it down. When we took a poll with some of the local riding community to find out their thoughts on a new calendar theme, the overwhelming response was, “why change what is not broke”. The sexy themed calendar of local riders is what makes our calendar unique and fun. It is an acclamation to the local women who put countless hours on their bikes and who volunteer in their biking community. Points taken!

The 2008 calendar continues the fun and anomalous style with an upgraded version, a Muddbunnies 2.0 if you will. We hope you’ll participate in our fundraiser by purchasing a calendar for yourself or someone who would appreciate it and enjoy it.


The 2008 Muddbunnies calendar generates revenue for the club and race team allowing us to organize riding and race clinics, assist our racers with race fees, advocate and educate at various biking events and assist with web fees and costs. In addition, we will also donate $1 from every calendar sold to be shared between the F.V.M.B.A. (Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association) and the Richard Juryn Memorial Fund.

Ride on!

Love it? Hate it? Let us know what you think!


November 15, 2007


Muddbunnies Riding Inc. is stoked to present the second annual Muddbunnies Calendar.


Muddbunnies Riding Club is a Cycling BC recognized women’s riding group and race team based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and with chapters throughout the province.

Proceeds from the calendar sales will assist in our 2008 plans of riding clinics, race clinics, club rides and to further assist the racers of Team Muddbunnies.

Additionally, $1 from every calendar sold will be donated to the Fraser Valley Mountain Biking Association and the Richard Juryn Memorial Fund.


Special thanks to all of the bunnies who rode strong and bared it all for this incredible project!

Thanks also to Lead Photographer: Dan Barham , photographers : Corey Toews, Danielle Baker, Dave Best , Jeremy Goodrick, and Michelle Santos.


In memory of Richard Juryn; a passionate and inspiring advocate of this great sport we all love!



November 14, 2007


North Shore Mountain Bike AssociationNSMBA Annual General Meeting: NOVEMBER 15th


This year’s AGM will be held at Jaycee House, 1251 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver (free parking available)
All NSMBA members encouraged to attend. The meeting will feature presentations from the NSMBA directors on the association’s wide variety of successes over the past year including trail maintenance efforts, the Rippers, the Gear Swap and Outdoor Show, fundraisers and more. Voting will take place on several topics including next year’s president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.

We will also be giving out the new 2007 NSMBA jerseys. If you have participated at a minimum of three trail days and haven’t yet received a jersey this year, please pick up your jersey at the AGM.

As well, we will draw for the Knolly Delirium T frame.

click here for more info NSMBA


November 13, 2007

SOURCE: Jerusha Millar/Muddbunnies

SombrioGirl Cloud 9 – 3/4 FRD Jersey


Sombrio has outdone themselves again with their Womens Cloud 9 Freeride Jersey. What’s so great about it? Well the first thing is that it’s a jersey designed specifically for women and, more importantly, it’s designed for women who like to ride hard. The Chitosanté fabric treatment allows for excellent breathability, durability and un-restricted movement while the 3/4 sleeve design provides warmth so it’s great for hectic rides and for mellow rides. Plus, the jersey is tailored for womens’ torsos and has a very cool print pattern because it’s not only important that jerseys be practical but they should make you look good too! As an added bonus the jersey is made from an MEC recycleable fabric so you’re also helping out good ol’ mother earth.


Here is the technical version of the ChitoSanté story:
ChitoSante® 145 gsm Interlock
ChitoSante® is a new environmentally friendly treatment that is made from a natural biomass called chitosan. Chitosan is made from crab and/or shrimp shells. It is created when chitosan is combined with textile fibers during the dyeing and/or finishing process. Since Chitosan binds very easily it can be combined with a variety of different fibers and creates a fabric with many benefits. ChitoSanté is absorbent, breathable, durable, fast drying, soft, static-free, wrinkle proof, pilling resistant and easy to handle. Along with these benefits, Chitosante has natural and durable antibacterial properties. ChitoSanté strongly inhibits the growth of bacteria meaning fabrics stay fresh, hygienic and odor resistant.

ChitoSanté is the only anti-bacterial bio-agent in the world that is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It has also received approval by authorities in Britain, China, Japan and Switzerland.

For more information on this product or other SombrioGirl products click SombrioGirl

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPGMUDDBUNNIES NOTE: For more of Jerusha Millar, pick up a 2008 Muddbunnies Calendar this December!


November 13, 2007

SOURCE: Veronica/Muddbunnies

It’s that time of year again and what started out as a fun idea to promote the club turned into a hugely successful PR campaign leading to world wide recognition.

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG

So come and celebrate the 2nd annual Muddbunnies Calendar!


Date: November 30th, 2007

Location: Bella Candela, 109 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

Time: 7 pm

Orders for the calendar will be taken and make sure to order yours!

Finally, there will be a raffle for great swag

Let’s celebrate the passion we have for riding, meet your fellow muddbunnies, and of course the 2008 calendar ladies.


Please RSVP with Marvel aka Veronica (PM or e-mail me at by November 23, to provide us with a number of people attending.

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPG