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July 31, 2007

Source: Corsair Bikes/PINKBIKE


Slopestyle is perhaps the most exciting new cycling discipline seen in years. When creating the König, our goal was to channel the energy of a great run into the engineering and style of our slopestyle frame. Getting off the ground, landing in one piece (at any angle) and getting the bike where you need it to be in a split second all require that a bike be light, strong and maneuverable – three things that define the König.


The König is far more than a kick-ass looking bike. For starters, its dual link rear suspension system has been meticulously designed to optimize performance and to resist all torque and lateral loading. The frame’s washer-less pivot system and Sure-Lock pivots are an easy-to-service breakthrough sure to stoke mechanics and riders alike. Getting the details right from the start is important to us – from recessed shock mounting hardware to the König’s super high-end 12 layer paint process, we have made every effort to ensure the König’s place at the top.

A summary of the König’s features include:
•Low mass swingarm for highest performance
•Low 2.5:1 stroke ratio for tune-ability and durability
•Low center of gravity and stand-over height
•Adjustable headtube angle for tune-ability
•CenterBalance design for superior handling
•Replaceable engineered fit drop-outs in Maxle, Horizontal or 10mm QR style
•Precision engineering and design

For dirt-jumpers ready to go to full suspension, riders with big bikes looking for something smaller and more maneuverable, or for elite slopestyle athletes, the König is purpose designed to be the ultimate bike.

The Corsair König will be available in October of 2007. If you are interested in learning more about our slopestyle bike, a detailed technical explanation of our frame design has been posted on our website at Or visit us at upcoming events including Crankworx, EuroBike, or Interbike.

Corsair Bikes is a new bicycle company with offices in Seattle, WA and Salt Lake City, UT. The company’s mission is to make high performance mountain bikes designed for hardcore riders. All frames are designed by former professional DH racer and Whistler, BC local Pablo Tafoya.

To contact Corsair Bikes either call 425 296 6706 or e-mail



July 31, 2007


Okay Day 6 was craaaazy! We woke up and had to rush into the village so we could watch Lisa Howie’s Trialsworx competition. For those of you who are just as clueless as I was as to how one of these competitions works, here’s the lowdown from Events are conducted over an obstacle course including such natural or man-made hazards as mud, rocks, water, logs, walls, pallets, spools, etc. and can have any number of sections. The riders attempt to negotiate each section without putting down a foot or hand (dab) within a specified time limit. Each dab (foot or hand) adds a point to the rider’s score. The rider with the lowest total score wins the event.

Howie shown here completing the end of her first section.

After Lisa Howie’s first try at section 1 (which resulted in a humbling endo) she gathered herself and owned the competition from then on. Congratulations on placing 1st!

Howie about to begin section 4.

There was a kids competition too and this little dude was showing off his skills all day long. Here’s the future of trials riding!


Some of the girls competing in Trialsworx.

Howie finishing the last section. This last section is the toughest mentally as it brings out the largest audience. You really need to be focussed here and not cave under the pressure. That’ll do Howie, that’ll do.


July 31, 2007


Okay Crankworx Day 5 was the qualifying round for Saturday’s Kokanee Slopestyle, and the day ended with the premier of the Oakley movie, Have You Seen It? Tons of people were hanging out in Skier’s Plaza watching the movie on the jumbotron and there was even a pre-screening autograph session with Cedric Gracia, April Lawyer, Nikki Gudex, and Darcy Turrene.
Michelle and I spent our day riding the trails, doing website updates and consuming an impressive amount of beer. We took moved in on a table at The Longhorn and joined a couple of dudes from San Francisco and were later joined by some Vancouver chums and pro riders: Fionn Griffiths (and Jill), and Joanna Petterson.

April Lawyer

Cedric Gracia

I got Nikki Gudex to sign my hat that I got from Stacy Kohut at the Jim Bean Air DH award ceremonies.


July 31, 2007



Ferndale, WA – July 31st 2007 — Rider owned bike company, Transition Bikes announces their latest prototype bike the Siren. The Siren represents one of the first female specific freeride bikes on the market. The frame features 6” of rear wheel travel, a light but burly frame design, female friendly geometry and a new look and feel targeted specifically to women. The Siren will be available in 3 sizes with a small fitting girls 5’0”-5’4”, medium 5’5”-5’9” and the large 5’10”-6’3. Complete bikes are weighting in around 33 lbs for a light built to 38 lbs for a burlier build.


“We are constantly looking at niches that bigger companies find difficult to tackle. There simply wasn’t an option for girls looking for a freeride specific bike which is why the Siren was created. We go to Whistler almost every week and the amount of girls on the hill is amazing, and most are riding huge bikes not really designed for their body types, says Transition Bikes owner Kevin Menard.”


So what makes a bike specific to girls? The Siren was designed with input from over 30 female riders all with specific needs from a freeride bike. The result was a frame with tons of stand over, shorter rear end to make pulling up easier, light but strong, and a suspension design that would allow lighter girls to actually be able to utilize all of the travel. Girls also wanted a bike that was strong but also had a feminine look which is why you see all sorts of nice curves on the Siren. “This is a frame that anyone can appreciate even though it is specifically targeted to women. I rode it for 4 days straight at Whistler and absolutely loved it. If you are a guy and you want to ride one, we don’t blame you and we would sell you one, but the fact is that women will benefit the most from this design and be able to push their riding further, says Menard”

For graphics on the Siren, the frame will come with a huge decal pack that the girls can choose to put on. The decals will come in all different colors and themes so ladies can customize their bikes. “When trying to choose themes, we presented the ladies with over 8 different choices and the results where that everyone had different choices and there was no clear winner. This is why we went with the “Choose your own decals” program, says Menard.”

Look for the Siren to be available January 2008.


Transition Bikes is a rider owned company based out of Ferndale Washington. Started by Kyle Young and Kevin Menard in 2002, Transition Bikes has grown tremendously from a reputation of building solid freeride bikes designed by people that ride day in and day out and know what real riders want. Transition bikes now has six bikes to choose from to meet specific rider’s needs as well as a full line of components.

For More information:


July 26, 2007


The rest of Day 4 went down like this :

35 women (including pro and amateur) signed up for the Jim Beam Air DH, which was a run through A-line, top to bottom.

Fionn Griffiths

Amateur Women. Jerusha Millar (TEAM MUDDBUNNIES): 2nd place, Aja Phelps: 1st place and Jenny Pederson (not shown): 3rd place.

Amateur and pro women racing the Jim Bean Air DH had the opportunity to session the course (A-line) until race start at 1:30pm. The amateur girls went first and there were almost 40 girls out there bombing down the course. Our own Team Muddbunnies member, Jerusha Millar had her run dialed and finished with a time of 5:18:69 resulting in a 2nd place finish overall! And North Vancouver local Aja Philps was 2 seconds faster with a time of 5:15:56 putting her in first place. Jen Peterson cam in 3rd with a time of 5:21:73.

Aja Phelps after checking the posted results realized she took first place in the Amateur division.

Pro Female winners: Micayla Gatto:2nd, Tracy Moseley: 1st, and Fionn Griffiths: 3rd

4:30 rolled around and the Pro women were up. 3rd place went to Fionn Griffiths (our newest addition to the 2008 Muddbunnies Calendar), 2nd place to our the island girl and National Champ, Macayla Gatto. And I don’t know what they’re putting in the water over in Malvern, UK (I think it’s called “superstar success water”) but Tracey Moseley is drinkin’ it up. She took the 1st place win with a time of 4:50:95.

2nd Place winner in pro division: Micayla Gatto

Congratulations to all of the women who competed this weekend. The role of women is this insane sport is increasing by the second and all of us at are proud to bring you the latest news. Keep rippin’ it up girls!

Fionn Griffiths


Sheila Morris of Gravitesse Race Team from Ontario.

Tomorrow we will be riding our bikes and trying to snap some shots of all those hot female bikers out there. We’ll also be trying to snag a picture or two of Stephanie Nychka who will be the only female competing in the Kokanee Slopestyle against over 100 guys!

Then on Friday we’ll be covering the Telus Dual Slalom and Trialsworx. Saturday is the Kokanee Slopestyle competition and Sunday is the Canadian Open Downhill. STAY TUNED!



July 26, 2007


Montreal, July 20, 2007
Micayla Gatto of B.C., won the Canadian downhill title at the Tim Hortons Mountain Bike Nationals at Mt. Washington, B.C.


On her Custom Golden Rocky RMX, Gatto brought home the title in the Downhill National Championships in her first year as a senior.

Two time Junior Worlds Medalist, Micayla Gatto, faced the challenge of her first year as a pro, and won the title of National Champion. She also won the Canada Cup National Series Champion title as a reward for 3 straight victories in the series DH races.

When Micayla chose Gold as her special bike colour….she wasn’t kidding. This ensures that Micayla will attend the World Championships in Scotland this September for her first time as a senior pro, she has two World Championships medals as an under 19 year old.

Gatto was the fastest in the field by two seconds over Claire Buchar (SRAM). Both Gatto and Buchar were the only two women to go under five minutes for their runs, with Katrina Strand (SRAM) over 35 seconds behind Buchar for third.

Gatto has won Junior titles before, but “this is the first time ever that I have been awarded a national champion’s jersey. I’ve been wanting this for a long time; I wasn’t expecting it but I was really hoping. It is a dream that I wanted to come true.”

“Champery and Mont Ste Anne World Cups were definitely on my mind (she missed her start in the first and flatted at the second), and I was thinking ‘I don’t want to mess this up’. All I wanted was a clean run and, except for a few minor bobbles, that is what I got. I was so relieved.”

Anne Laplante of Gatineau, Que., won the junior event. ‘’I’m surprised because it was quite a battle between Miranda Miller (B.C.,) and I,’’ said the 16-year-old Laplante.

Competition continues Saturday with the cross country races.

About Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest quick service restaurant chain. Founded in 1964 as a coffee and donut shop, Tim Hortons has evolved to meet consumer tastes, with a menu that now includes premium coffee, flavored cappuccinos, specialty teas, home-style soups, fresh sandwiches and fresh baked goods. As of December 31, 2006, Tim Hortons system-wide restaurants numbered 2,711 in Canada and 336 in the United States. More information about the Company is available at

About CCA
The CCA is the national governing body for Canadian cycling. Representing its members (individuals, clubs and trade teams) through provincial and territorial cycling associations, its mission is to lead and support the development and growth of cycling in Canada, through high performance programs, cycling development centres, national and international events, and the national introduction to cycling program for youth, known as Sprockids. Founded in 1882, it is Canada’s oldest sport governing body.


July 26, 2007



WHISTLER, BC, July 23, 2007
The top rider in the women’s category was Tracy Moseley of the UK with a time of 17:23.5; Fionn Griffiths of Shrewsbury, UK took second place with a time of 17:32.6; Joanna Petterson of South Africa took third place with a time of 18:32.3; and hometown girl Angela Teng of Whistler, BC took fourth with a time of 18:37.3.

PHOTO: Michelle Santos

Australian Sam Hill claims first place in Garbanzo Downhill during the 4th annual Kokanee Crankworx. With a time of 14:25.7, Hill made sure to leave the competition behind on an epic, mud-slicked course in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

An impressive field of athletes descended 3,400 vertical feet from the top of the Garbanzo Zone, through technical single track and high speed open sections on the Dave Murray ski run, finishing over the GLC Drop at the base of the Boneyard.

“Crankworx is awesome. I look forward to it every time, it’s the most relaxing event of the year”, says Sam Hill, winner of the event and Monster team rider. “The course was a little slick today but I had my mud tires on and they worked well for me, I’m pretty happy right now.”

With Hill grabbing first, second place was awarded to Justin Leov from Golden Colorado, with a time of 14:59.3; third place went to Andrew Neethling of Draper, Utah with a time of 15:01.9; and Marc Beaumont of Dronfield, UK took fourth with a time of 15:04.9.

Saturday July 28, TELUS presents the first ever live Webcast of the much anticipated Kokanee Slopestyle event taking place in the Boneyard in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Powered by Rip TV, an estimated 10,000 viewers will be able to view the event live from 5-7pm at and

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July 25, 2007



Claire Buchar Stands Atop The Podium At First Ever WomenzWorx Competition

WHISTLER, BC, Date – July 24, 2007
The first ever WomenzWorx Gala Competition took place in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park during 4th annual Kokanee Crankworx. Whistler Blackcomb team rider Claire Buchar was awarded top prize after a day of judged freeride events that started in the Garbanzo Zone and continued through the Boneyard into Whistler village.

PHOTO: Tyler Maine

PHOTO: Tyler Maine

Emily had a good off during the morning practice in the Bone Yard. PHOTO: Tyler Maine

After days of rain, the sun was out and the course was set for the women to rip it up. The riders were judged on four sections, testing their skills at jumping, slopestyle and technical descents. With a field of amazing riders in the Gala Competition at WomenzWorx, top spot was up for the taking.

The winner for pro category: Claire Buchar. PHOTO: Tyler Maine

While Claire Buchar of Whistler, BC took first place in the Pro category with a score of 42.5, Gale Dahlgar of Jackson, WY held down second spot with a 37.5, Kathy Pruitt from Lake Almanor, California scored a 34.7 for third and Lynne Aitchison from Galashiels, Scotland came in fourth at 34.2.

The winner for amateur category: Cassie Brown. PHOTO: Tyler Maine

The amateur category was won by Casey Brown from Revelstoke, BC with a score of 31.8. Second place was Danice Uyesugi from North Vancouver, BC with a 31.5 and third went to Anne Laplante from Gatineau, QC scoring 30.3. Jerusha from TEAM MUDDBUNNIES took 5th place!

Lisa Lefroy announcing the winners. PHOTO: Michelle Santos

After the riding was all done, Katrina managed to take a digger on her way to the awards-oops! PHOTO: Tyler Maine

The brainchild of Whistler pro riders Katrina Strand and Lisa Lefroy, WomenzWorx was designed for women new to mountain biking and those already into the sport. Prior to the Gala Competition, riders could take part in women’s only mountain bike clinics held in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. The clinics were coached by women for women and offered discounted rates to all who signed up as well as free lift tickets to the first 100 riders to check in on July 23 and 24.

Crankworx Womensworx brought out the stars: Kathy Pruitt and Tyler Maine (from Pinkbike).

Britnee Boychuk and Rory Harmse from Loeka

The two days of clinics and competition was followed by the Dirty Girls Gala Social Event, held at Merlin’s at the base of Blackcomb, highlighting the first of its kind event in North America.

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Aside from the more than 40 women who turned out for the event, there was many more women riding the mountain and enjoying the free lift passes.

This girl’s gotta be feelin’ a whole lot of confidence in these riding shorts! PHOTO: Michelle Santos

After the competition was over a group of bunnies headed over to the LongHorn Saloon for some post-riding bevy’s and waited for the awards to start.

Our incredible waitress at The Longhorn Saloon. We love her. No really, WE LOVE HER!!! PHOTO: Michelle Santos

Britnee Boychuk. This girl throws it down in so many ways: biking, beer and boys. PHOTO: Michelle Santos


July 25, 2007


So Michelle and I packed our bags, bikes and beer and headed up to Whistler for a day of WomensWorx.

My precious…my precious. I was fortunate enough to test ride a Brodie Zealot for the day and I have to say, “I’m in love for the second time”. PHOTO: Britnee Boychuk

July 23, marked the start of WomenzWorx with Gala training all day and the Gala Competition taking place Tuesday, July 24. This event is the first of its kind in North America and WomenzWorx festivities include free Bike Park tickets to the fist 100 women to check in at the Volkswagen tent next to guest relations.

We skipped the crazy-cheap clinic put on for only $29.99 (including lift pass) but a few other bunnies: Veronica, Susan, Asia, Danielle and Dee had a great time at the half-day clinic. Though rumour has it that Dorothy is out for a few weeks at least with a fractured collar-bone. Heal fast!

Jerusha Millar, Ryan Petersen, Susan Sheldon, Aja Philps, Danielle Baker, Michelle Santos.

Michelle and I, however, still cashed in on free lift passes then headed up the chair and did run after run in the rain, fog, and wind.

After a few laps of Crank-it-up, B-line and Heart of Darkness, we headed over to the Syncros trailer and spread the Muddbunnies love with Marshall Cant, who’s hookin’ up the Muddbunnies with sweet Syncros Headset/Salt n Pepper shakers, hats, belt buckles and Redbull, mmmm Redbull.

At the Syncros trailer we were fortunate enough to meet the one, the only, Candace Shadley, the founder of the Dirt Series. An incredibly humble and down-to-earth girl who’s paved the way for hundreds of female mountain bikers. Marshall couldn’t say enough good things about her and I can’t say enough great things about the Dirt Series.

So after being heckled from the girls riding the chairlift that passed over the trailer, (specifically Britnee Boychuk) we decided to hit up one last run. We met up with Britnee, who managed to convince us that A-line was practically a Blue run and she’d have our backs if any dudes gave us beef for riding too slow. Fortunately, as we neared the top of the chairlift we realized that she had to be down the mountain in 15 minutes for the Gala Race Info Session and so we were spared trying to keep up with one of the hottest, up-and-coming female rippers.

Michelle and I tucked our tails between our legs and ran back to the Muddbunnies Headquarters in Pemberton. Even with the less-than-ideal riding conditions, you couldn’t wipe the muddy smirks off our faces. What a great day!!!


July 25, 2007

Source: The Canadian DH Girls/PINKBIKE

Finish your Crankworx week off with a party for a good cause. While rockin’ the night away at the GLC Sunday July 29th, you will be helping Claire Buchar and Katrina Strand, two of the worlds best female mountain bike athletes, get to the World Championships and World Cup Finals.

Silent Auction, Door Prize, Draw Prizes!
Good music, Good people, Good Times!

Tickets $15 on sale at Evolution or call 604-966-4291.

Prizes from: Sram, Sombrio, Dakine, Scott, Mavic and more!

Here it is again:

WHO: Canadian DH Girls presents
WHAT: The “Eighth Wonder of the World” Fundraiser Party featuring….
WHERE: Garibaldi Lift Co.
WHEN: Sunday July 29th 2007 Doors open at 8pm
WHY: To raise funds for the World Championships and World Cup Finals

For more information or details, please don’t hesitate to contact us. See you there!