DATE: 6/12/7

The South Surrey dirt jumps were in need of some love. After a brutal winter they became mounds of dirt melting into the horizon, even the best jumpers could barely get air.

-the rebuild-

-thanks to dudes like this, the park is reborn-

SORCE bike club along with the City of Surrey, Jay Hoots, Andrew Cho and a swarm of young dedicated volunteers moved dirt around for 5 solid days.

-Jay bossin’ the kids around again. I think he paid them in stickers and RedBull!-

-Andrew was stunned by the sheer beauty of these new jumps-

By Saturday the jumps were ready to be test ridden, and many took up the challenge. The Muddbunnies rose up, shovels in hand packing dirt and pimping out the pump track.

-Muddbunnies and crew workin hard, workin’ on initiatives-

-Bunnies Lindsay and Ryan-

-test run-

Sunday was the big Brodie Prize draw giveaway and BBQ. Kids, adults riders, Bunnies and SORCE members all pitched in and everyone had celebratory burgers.


-Nicole: the den mother of SWAG-

Paul S, a little Ripper from the south shore took home the the Bordie Cretin Frame. Thanks to the Muddbunnies and Brodie for their support.


-some might say this kid was luckier-

SORCE bike club thanks everyone who came out to recreate our jumps. A total of 350 volunteer hours was put into those jumps in a matter of a few days, WAY TO GO !



Note: I’d like to add a HUGE thanks to Nicole, Sherri and Rob for their hard work putting this all together. Nicole, you are the best!!!
Thanks also to Brodie Bikes for hookin’ us up with a Cretin frame. We raised over 140 bones to be split between SORCE and Muddbunnies Riding Club. – Ryan


  1. kevin Says:

    NOW thats what i call dirt jumps, where abouts are they i live in guildford.

    Hope you can give me some directions etc if not then i understand why.

    Many thanks Kevin

  2. muddbunnies Says:

    Dirt jumps are located in S.Surrey (almost in Whiterock) right near Softball city. I believe 152nd and about 24th. The bike park is worth the trip especially if you’re already in Surrey.

  3. matt how Says:

    hey do you have the exact name of the location of these jumps and also does it cost to get in etc.

    i live in woking btw

  4. Paul Says:

    These dirt jumps are horrible, noone ever uses them, if u r going to make a trip out here make the extra little trip and go to lafarge or anywhere else

  5. eugene cathcart Says:

    Hi my name is Eugene, and I live in Oakridge Oregon. We are trying to get the city to allow us to build some jumps in one of the local parks here, and it looks like you have had a very successful time doing so in Surrey. Can we use your pictures and story to present to our city ?

    Thanks for your time, and consideration.

    Eugene Cathcart

  6. james Says:

    those jumps look nice, never even knew there was good jumps near me, i live in aldershot, were bouts are they exactly? and do u have 2 wear safety stuff and pay and is there requirements etc.


  7. conor Says:


    am conor i want to join some think like your club because the skate parks and dirt tracks round mine are to small.We have tryed to make our own jumps but their to small to so i would like to try some of the stuff i`ve seen the pic`s on your website and i would like to try it.

  8. alex Says:

    hi im alex ive just started dirt jumping and the woods near us have jumps in them but they are really small so we tried to build them up but they were still rubbish so i was wondering if i could come along and try out the jumps thanks alex

  9. conor Says:

    hi im conor

    i live in horssll, but i dont know how to get to these jumps so can u tell me how to get to them because i do the jups at horsell comen but there all to easy know i can do them so i would really like to do thes and get some good air

  10. Rowan Says:

    hey, are these jumps in the uk? im confused

    thanks they look well good

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