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May 31, 2007

For more information or enquiries: NSMBA


North Shore Ripper #3: CBC Ripper Observed Downhill Time Trail

May 31, 2007

SOURCE: NSMBA & Aimee Dunn
DATE: 5/31/7

Test yourself on your favourite CBC lines and see how fast you can rip it up!

This event is a SOLO time trial on one of Mt. Seymour’s most beloved trails with bonus points for riding stunts with style!!


Where: Mt Seymour – CBC Ripper Trial

June 2nd 2007

Capacity: 150 Rider Limit.

Registration starts at 7:45am, Race starts at 9:00am.

Location: Parking Area 1 (P1– the switchback above the entrance to CBC) will host the registration.

Cost: $20.00/person pre-reg – $30.00/person day of reg.



The MUDDBUNNIES Ripper Experience – Aimee Dunn

On April 14th Heather (beer-girl), Lucy (Goldilocks) and Aimee (Shoregirl) took part in the first Ripper event of 2007 – the Seventh Secret. For all three ladies it was their first Ripper experience. In total there were 8 females and 124 male participants at this event; up slightly from last year in female participation. With the female riding movement growing so rapidly right now it will be great to see more ladies out there rippin’!
Just as important (if not more) is the volunteer participation! We were joined by Judy, Nicole, Tina, Ina and our registration guru Veronica who played a big role in making the day run smoothly…thank you!
I asked Heather how she enjoyed this event in addition to adding my own comments.

1. What motivated you to take part in the ripper?
H: Aimee made me do it 😀
A: Heather was amazing and agreed to fill in for a rider on the Friday night prior, she rocks!)
A: A great new challenge to push myself on a trail that I ride quite often and it looked like a really laid back atmosphere. Plus, I am on the organizing committee so I really knew that it would be this way!

2. What was the vibe like? Especially as a female rider?
It was a fun atmosphere. While waiting around for the DH part lots of people
were chatting and joking around. Most people were friendly on the trail but I
think that was more because I had on bunny ears than because I was a female rider.
A: Really chill. People knew each other and it was great to chat and catch up. People were just out for a good rip. Even Wade Simmons and some pro riders were there…just having fun.

3. Why were there so few women you think?
H: There aren’t a lot of women riders in general so even less who are interested
in “racing”
A: I think intimidation and considering that probably 80% of riders are guys the ratio in the race was maybe not far off that in reality. However, there were 8 females compared to 124 males!

4. Did you feel intimidated by the guys?
H: Not per se, maybe a bit intimidated by the fast people coming down the trail
behind me. But I didn’t know if they were girls or guys until they passed me.
A: I was a little concerned prior to but found that if I was willing to let them pass they were thankful and felt no pressure at all…I think a lot of them were stoked to have females out there ripping!

Did the format lead to better riding or worse??
Worse for me, too much pedalling for the big bike 😀
A: Better for the most part but you do get tired and can get sloppy if you don’t focus. Overall it felt great to give ‘er! Plus, a good reality check of where you are at…I love the burn so all good!

6. What do you think needs to be done to get more females involved??
H: I wouldn’t have done the Ripper without having been asked to fill in on a
team. I had a pretty good time so thinking back about why I would not have done it otherwise, I think it’s the freeride mentality. Weekend riding is all about hanging out with friends and doing a big ride. Stopping to session stunts. Doing another lap. The Ripper was a fun competition for sure but I don’t think I really got anything extra out of it for my 60 bucks. Well, the after-party and the draw prizes of course!
A: I think it will take time and of course it isn’t for everyone. But if you are not doing it because of fear then this could be a great goal for you to work towards and will give you that extra motivation to push yourself. If you interested in racing in more serious events this is a perfect introduction to pushing your spped. Supporting the NSMBA and seeing familiar and new faces is also a great reason. When you ride in your groups there may be hundreds of other riders on the trails but you don’t necessarily get to meet them and chat…so the after party was also a great chance to do this!

7. What was the apres like?
H: Great fun, great food, great beer!
A: An absolute hoot! The place was packed and we got to enjoy great photos, a video put together from that day and of course super food and beer. A great, great vibe for participants and vollies alike.

8. How would you sum up your Ripper day?
H: All in all it was a great time.
A: Awesome. I started the day taking volunteers up to their spots and then switched to participant for the ride down. I got to see many familiar faces and it felt great to bring the riding community together; so many fabulous people involved. Regardless of your ability or experience it is REALLY about just being out there supporting the sport and community.

9. Would you do it again?
H: Sure!
A: I am doing the whole series!! You betcha…it can only help me improve!


Announcing the 6th Annual – BIKE FEST 2007

May 30, 2007

SOURCE: SORCE (Surrey Off-Road Cycling Enthusiats)
DATE: 5/30/7

Announcing the 6th Annual – BIKE FEST 2007

Surrey, BC…SORCE, the Surrey Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts Society, proudly announces the 6th Annual Bike Fest on Saturday, June 23rd from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the South Surrey Athletic Park, 24th Avenue & 148th Street (adjacent to Softball City).


Huge Sports Swap brought to you by Sports Replay!
• FREE entry for purchasers 11am -3 pm
• $5 set up fee for vendors (free for SORCE members!)
• 15% commission on sales
• vendors drop off 9:30 -11 am
• vendors pick up 3 – 4pm
Fourth Annual My First Mountain Bike Race
• $20 race registration fee (includes one day Cycling BC licence)
• 10 am start
• Racer MUST check in by 9:30 am to pick up their race plate
• Preregistration (recommended) available at the local bike shops
• Online registration available
• Check in opens at 8 am
Movie Premiere – Defect
• 4 pm at Youth Centre in the South Surrey Recreation Centre
• $3 admission

This festival is the only one of its kind in the South Fraser Region and is part of BC Bike Month. All ages welcome. All proceeds benefit SORCE trail work, Team SORCE and their Youth Cycling Programs in cooperation with the Elgin Park Secondary SPOKE Race Team. This fun filled day promises activities for the entire family. Featured events include My First Mountain Bike Race, a huge Sports Swap, a Bike Rodeo, the South Surrey Recreation Centre Open House, a Dirt Jump Demo on the newly designed and rebuilt dirt jumps, an appearance by members of the Vancouver Unicyling Club and the premiere of Defect, an extreme unicycling video.

Jim Richardson, President of SORCE, invites you to join us in the park, “This is the largest Bike Month event south of the Fraser River and is an annual highlight for our club and the riding community. The park will be hopping! I’m really looking forward to the pro Dirt Jumping demonstration, the Sports Swap and the mouthwatering fried onions on the infamous Garvey burgers from our concession. Thanks in advance for coming out and supporting SORCE.”

My First Mountain Bike Race is an ideal way for racing rookies to experience the exhilaration of mountain bike competition. The course follows the nearly obstacle free BLT trail at the South Surrey Bike Park. Grab a friend and start training as this race only comes around once a year. The race starts at 10am, is a Cycling BC sanctioned mountain bike race, participants are first time or non-licensed riders from 10 -110 years old! Cost is only $20! Download the registration form for all the details at
Additional activities include – Tours of the bike park trails, demo bikes to try out, free skills clinics and MUSIC!!!


Pump Race #7 – Monday June 4th!!

May 30, 2007


Monday Night Raw comes back to Pipeline! June 4th, 7:00 pm

Come down to the Pipeline Bike Park pump track and race your bike in a no-holds-barred pump track ripping race and see if you walk home with the title!

Pump racing is a great way to build your bikehandling strength while having a great time. It only costs a twonie for club members! New club members get a t-shirt and will be covered to race the rest of the year on the pump track or 4x track!

Hope to see you there!

JAY HOOTS WANT YOU!… for the Dirt Jump Rebuild!

May 24, 2007

Xtreme Makeover DJ Style – South Surrey Bike Park!
SOURCE: COACH Jim Richardson
Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Saturday and Sunday, May 26 and 27

Start Time – 9:30 AM

Bring rakes, flat shovels, water, lunch & your bike.

Classic OP Pizza sponsors lunch on Saturday! Win prizes! Meet the Muddbunnies! Get dirty!

WIN A BRODIE CRETIN BIKE FRAME!! Tickets can be bought on site for $1.00 a ticket, $5.00 an arm length and $10.00 for a Muddbunny length— (get the Sherri size). SORCE bike club and the Muddbunnies will be signing up new members under the tents so drop by and say hello and see what we are all about.

For more info:


May 11, 2007


The Muddbunnies are proud to announce 2 SEPARATE ‘Let’s Ride’ Clinics for Beginner Bunnies! Spring riding is here! To better prepare yourself for the season ahead, sign up for one of these three hour sessions designed for the experienced beginner to beginner/intermediate rider, aged 14 years and over. The first two hours consist of a skills session. In the final hour hone your new skills in the trails of Burnaby Mountain or the Delta Watershed.

The session will focus on skills training, balance, body/bike separation, overall fitness, first aid, trail etiquette and ’spotting the perfect line’. This is a women’s only clinic, taught by our experienced rider and NCCP certified coach, Sherri Sadler. The atmosphere is fun and supportive.

Join other women for this mountain bike skills clinic. Consider signing up & bring a friend! The cost is only $50.00! (Additional insurance costs will apply for those not yet Muddbunnies Riding Club members)

For this course you will need – a front-suspension or dual-suspension bike in good working order; helmet, full finger gloves, warm clothing, water and a snack. Leg and arm pads are optional.


Sunday, May 20 – Delta Watershed
Sunday, May 27 – Burnaby Mountain

All clinics begin @ 9:00 am sharp & end at noon.

Meeting place for Burnaby Mountain – The pumphouse at the top of North Road. There is parking clearly marked. Here is a link to a great map of the entire area -,com_wrapper/Itemid,58/

Meeting place for the Delta Watershed – At the park entrance in front of Pinewood Elementary off Scott Road in Delta. Here is a link to a great map of the park –

Registration for this course is easy and starts April 27th!! Go to:

Questions? For more information on this course please contact course instructor Sherri Sadler, For information on registration please contact Ryan Petersen,


May 11, 2007

Date:Thu May 10, 2007
Source: Red Bull Empire of Dirt

Red Bull Empire of Dirt, the world’s first BMX DIRT SLOPESTYLE contest, is the brainchild of UK rider Kye Forte, and combines influences from each of the BMX styles, to create one unholy new discipline guaranteed to challenge the very best on the planet.

15- 16th June, 2007
Newton Abbot, Devon, England


“The aim of the Empire of Dirt is to bring together all different aspects of BMX in one contest; to really challenge the rider’s versatility,” says Kye Forte, Newton Abbot local and top UK rider. “We also want to make the week surrounding the event totally memorable – both for the riding, and the social scene – putting Devon on the global BMX map.”

The monstrous Red Bull Empire of Dirt course will take over a month to build, swallow thousands of tons of dirt and will feature an epic dirt superpipe, huge double jumps, and technical street obstacles, including rails, boxes and wall rides.

Like a true slopestyle course, traditionally found in freestyle snowboarding, the course has been designed to offer riders multiple lines, and infinite ways to showcase their skills, and link new combinations of tricks.

If the course wasn’t enough to inspire a frenzy of riding creativity – the riders list will top it off: only the best in the world are invited to ride the Red Bull Empire of Dirt. 35 riders – representing the cream of dirt, street and ramp BMX, will come to Newton Abbot, Devon – to ride a course like none they’ve ever ridden before.

Confirmed riders*:
Alex Dropsey FRA
Ali Whitton UK
Antony Napolitan USA
Bas Keep UK
Brian Foster USA
Chase Hawk USA
Chris Doyle USA
Corey Bohan AUS
Gary Young USA
Heath Pinter USA
Joe Rich USA
Josh Harrington USA
Kye Forte UK
Leo Forte UK
Liam Elthan UK
Martin Murray UK
Mike Aitken USA
Mitch Yates USA
Owain Clegg UK
Robin Fenlon UK
Romuald Noirot “bibi” FRA
Ruben Alcantara ESP
Ryan Guettler USA
Ryan Sher USA
Taj Mehilic USA

* More names to be announced soon.

Only the rider with the most talent in all styles will conquer the Empire of Dirt, and get their piece of the £10,000 (USD$19,500) prize purse.

Red Bull Empire of Dirt will be open to the public on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, June. Tickets are FREE. Applications for tickets opens May 14 at our MySpace:


May 11, 2007



What a weekend! Hammerfest action doesn’t disappoint and this year was crazy with over 150 riders including some interesting names in the pack including Bjorn Aunet, producer of mountain bike films including Elemental, Kyle Hansen the Brodie B Team freerider and Robin Dutton, owner of Arrowsmith Bikes in Nanaimo.

Well let’s just say that Jordie can check this one off his list of things to do, Mr. Lunn won the expert men’s category with a smokin time of 2 mins 43 seconds. In 2nd place was Jeremy Vosburgh and in 3rd Mitchell Forbes. For the ladies, I was first in the expert ladies category on my beautiful new Wilson from Devinci, I basically just held on, that bike is FAST. In 2nd place for Expert women, Seana Wright and in 3rd Glenowyn Carlson. For full results visit

Hammerfest draws out the largest number of racers for all of the big airs and spectator support, I decided to chat with a few of the interesting racers who threw down at this event…..

Erin is a familiar face at the island races and will be ripping it up all summer. I caught up with her after her run in the expert ladies category to see what makes her tick….

Pinkbike: What is your favourite part of the Hammerfest course?
Erin: The table tops, because they are pretty fast, pretty flowy and I did a sweet unintentional no-footer off of one of them.

Pinkbike: Where do you live and where do you ride?
Erin: I live presently in Campbell River and I ride all over Courtenay and in Nanaimo and Victoria and Vancouver, I am a transient!

Pinkbike: Any top secret stuff on your bike?
Erin: Yes! I have my name on my bike and I also have my street name on my bike which is Crash Bandacoot. It makes me go fast.

Pinkbike: How would you describe your personality seconds before a race?
Erin: I usually have to pee so I am usually a little edgy. And I was a little bit worried because I couldn’t find a good bush to pee in before this race so I was kind of stressed, but usually I am pretty mellow.

Pinkbike: Any shout outs?
Erin: I would like to give a shout out to Oak Bay Bikes, Primary Daredevil and the Muddbunnies.

Next up is the Cumberland XC this Sunday, contact Dodge City Cycle for more info at 250-336-2200.

Port Alberni is the next DH on May 20, call Ozzie’s Cycle at 250-724-6556 and stay tuned for more info at

Fiona is a member of the DH team and is supported by:

Devinci Bikes-
Marzocchi Suspension-
Magura Brakes-
MRP Chain Guides-
Maxxis Tires-
DT Swiss Wheel Sets-
Giro Helmets-
Chromag Bars and Stems-
WTB Saddles-
Rockstar Energy Drinks-
N.R.G. Enterprises-

Pipeline Pumptrack Race #6

May 11, 2007

DATE: MAY 11, 2007

Race Report: How it all went down at Pump Race #6
Record Number of racers as juniors swarm the track.

Monday, May 7th at 7pm….The Sun was on the horizon and the belts were on the line as 7 Heavyweights, 5 Divas, and 8 Juniors hit the Pipeline Pump Track in an epic battle royale of pump track carnage.

The dual elimination format didn’t phase T-Gorz as Tyler rocked his way through the field of Pro 4-crossers, Olympic BMX hopefuls, and even a Beef Cake to take home the title. Another rider who wasn’t phased was Amber Zirnhelt, who wasn’t put off by a gang of snarling blood thirsty Muddbunnies as she took the title, by the nib of a tire, away from Michelle Santos.

The juniors swarmed the field and took over the track as Austin Lee snatched victory through equally impressive pump skills and foul mouth to take home the junior title and got a sweet pair of Fox gloves out of the deal.

Come on back to Pipeline on May 21st for our first club 4x race of the season! or June 4th to see Tyler, Amber and Austin defend their titles, or sign up for a membership and you could go home with a little GOLD around your waist. OOooo Yeeeeah!


May 11, 2007

DATE: March 27, 2007
SOURCE: Downhill Mike Scheur

WILMINGTON, N.Y. – High Peaks Cyclery is hosting two Club Shred mountain bike clinics, featuring experienced pro racers at Whiteface Downhill Park in July.

Each of these two clinics are a three-day mini-camp slated for July 3-5 and July 6-8. Known as Fast Times Training, instructors Mickey Denoncourt and James Ford will lead the clinics. Denoncourt is a semi-pro downhill racer with a degree in Applied Physiology. Ford won the 2006 Whiteface 5K Downhill race as well as many other races in the Northeast. These two pro downhill racers have joined forces to help advanced downhill racers improve their skills and racing techniques.

Club Shred is geared towards the racer who wants to move up a class and is open to all riders wanting to become more comfortable with technical terrain and improve their cycling experience. Fast Times Training will help give riders structure and purpose to their current training program to reach their desired level of performance.

This unique High Peaks Cyclery Club Shred clinic with Fast Times Training will include subjects ranging from how to create a budget for racing, to how-to manage time and physical resources before, during and after a race weekend. The ultimate goal is to make racing less stressful and more enjoyable.

Each clinic includes three nights lodging, three-day lift tickets for Whiteface trail access, three days of personalized professional instruction, bike suspension set-up, video analysis, personalized training and racing strategies, and end of clinic barbeque.

The clinic is $499 per person. Club Shred sign-up and registration may be found at For more information on Club Shred, please email