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Muddbunnies 2007 Calendar News

November 28, 2006


Wow! We expected the calendar would be a success we didn´t realize how much publicity we´d receive. We´ve had almost 20 new members sign up on the site since the calendars were advertised on both PinkBike and NSMB with over 14,000 hits on PinkBike´s calendar story alone!! We´ve outsold our projected stock not once but twice, thus exceeding predicted sales by 200%!!


Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Danielle Baker, Miss December, who slaved away scheduling, shooting and editing the majority of the calendar. It´s been an insane experience and one none of us will forget. I´m sure all the models you photographed thank you for portraying them in such a stunning fashion. Best of luck on your new-found career, we´re sure you´ll succeed! And if any one is looking for a great photographer be sure to contact her @ daniellebaker at .




November 26, 2006


Michelle and I made the trek out to “the Wack” (Chilliwack for non-natives) to deliver a box of calendars to Tyler and the boys at PinkBike. I call Tyler for directions and he informs me of new fallen snow. Great, I´m driving a piece-of-crap Civic with bald tires! We make it there alive and we´re greeted by Tyler and Mike who give us the tour of the PinkBike setup. Well done boys, you´ve got a sweet gig there!


So after our mini-reunion (we met Tyler last year at the Redneck Rumble on Veddar Mtn in Chilliwack) and then a brief session of spin-outs in Tyler´s 4X4, we head to The Vault, a local watering hole. Now I grew up in Abbotsford so I´m familiar what some dudes are like in The Valley. However, I didn´t expect that in the middle of our Muddbunnies info session with Tyler and Mike we´d be so privileged as to witness a massive train of overly-muscular drunken men in the middle of dry-humping session at the table next to ours. But hey, I´ll take whatever entertainment I can get. It´s in the vault! After finishing our beers and appies, and narrowly escaping a bar brawl, we headed back to PinkBike headquarters where Tyler graciously hooked us up with an armful of free swag to raffle off at our Muddbunnies Calendar Release Party Mad props go to Tyler, Radek, Mike and all the boys at PinkBike for supporting the club.